Friday, June 12, 2009

Beauty in the Color Brown.

There Is a Beauty in the Color Brown

Cute Poetry - Nicholas Gordon

There is a beauty in the color brown
Which brings to mind the muted light of caring.
Earth tones: roots, ground leafmeal, seeds, and soil;
Nuts and bark, broad rivers thick with toil;
Tree trunks in a clearing, nothing wearing,
Yet holding high their single woven crown.

For me brown brings to mind your caring eyes,
Innocent and gentle as a doe's.
Vested in your love, my own love grows;
Each thought, each hope, each breath within you lies.

Demure today. Found this warm earthy brown jacket at the Costa Rica shopping complex – which I really enjoyed exploring. It is by Aleida Rhode for Fashion Nomads which covers everything from jeans to Haute Couture. This piece comes with a couple of sleeve options and a great scarf which allows for greater versatility for your wardrobe. As the name implies, the body of the jacket appears to have a mosaic like texture, with a plain matching collar and lapel. The large belt has a textured silver buckle for some nice detailing.

I paired the jacket with pants taken from a Donna Flora $10L outfit from her special table up near the front of the store that always has several steals like this. Cal Rogers is the designer and the pants seem to me to be of a raw silk. Nice compliment of the beige with the brown jacket – both warmer tones.

The Leopard Stilleto’s from Wetherby’s are also a great deal at $10L – taken from the third floor wall of many shoes at the same price. I liked them because they are classic and they capture tones from both pieces of the ensemble.
Rich chocolate brown hair from Boon, classic cut with sweeping bangs, keeping the look neat and preppy-ish in its presentation. I did not want to add any jewellery to take attention away from the jacket or to compete with the hair so I added a hair-band for just a touch of girlishness – also in complimenting colors.

I like the make-up on this skin from dhR – darker eyes, natural lips, all adding to warm softness.

JACKET: Fashion Nomads - -*FN* Moziac Jacket - nature brown - $175L

PANTS: Donna Flora - - * Donna Flora * PAT - $10L

SHOES: Wetherby’s - - Wetherby's Stiletto-Leopard "Bag"- $10L (lot’s of great $10L shoes up on the third floor)

HAIRBAND: Chuculet dollarbie store - [chuculet] hairband - ribbon – satin

SKINS: dhR Skins - [dhR]F01-Cool Purple – Natural

HAIR: Boon - - *booN KRC02 hair C&Mat pack - $200L
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