Saturday, June 6, 2009

Blue Cinder

This Neko Style Blue Cinder dress comes with other options not shown here and allows you a number of choices in skirt style making this a very versatile and worthwhile outfit at $295L. I like the stockings and the way the skirt splits open when you shift your hips, allowing for a little thigh to show and that ever seductive view of the top of the stockings. It makes, what would otherwise be a somewhat casual functional skirt outfit for day wear - into sooo much more. Nice tight bodice can be removed to show some abdomen and suspenders are also optional. Outfit also comes with wrist sleeve additions and the subtle shadings of blue and black make this a definite favourite.

Instead of boots, I paired it with a simple pair of black Mary-Janes and threw on some casual hair. Kurotsubaki hair is a great buy at only $100L per hair and while you might think that styles are young (as per the pics used to promote them) they are actually quite effective when worn. Try them!!

DRESS: la maison de cendrillon , Kukai (222, 176, 24) Blue Cinder dress Neko Style $295.00L

SHOES: TESLA - 'Elise2' Mary Jane Heels (FREE)

HAIR: *KUROTSUBAKI*hair _spade_Q_black - $100L
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