Friday, June 12, 2009

A Busy Day!!

Busy day today, interviews, shopping, and a fab lunch with a dear girlfriend ... need something that takes me all those places and still make me feel fab and feminine. This dress from MEB is perfect in its understated elegance. Flirty, fun and sexy . . . I love the look.

The short skirt allows for a long clean leg with a smart matching pump included in the purchase. The white detailing on the heel of the shoe catches the eye and as you are drawn up the legs to the skirt and then the bodice, MariaElena Barbosa adds another little punch with some nice black buttoning effect.

With my hair up, a different pump, more glamourous earrings and a soft wrap I would be ready for a romantic night out. Great dress!! MEB has a great selection of clothes, all exquisitely made and detailed, everything from casual to dressy.

Jewellery once again from Chloe and chosen for its quiet compliment to the dress. My hair is from Little Heaven. I love the chic look of the short short hair styles. Lara skins are so pretty that they can take the short hair and still let you achieve a very feminine presentation.

DRESS AND SHOES: MEB – MariaElena Barbosa Stylish Clothes - MEB : Laura red - $590L

EARRINGS AND BRACELET– Chloe Chloe - Black Drop Earrings Chloe - Venezuela in Orchid Bracelet

SKIN: Lara Skins - Lara Skins-Devon smokey

HAIR – Little Heaven - - LH_hair13_rabi_black_box man short - $200L
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