Friday, June 19, 2009

Chasing The Morning.

This entire outfit which I love love love was only $150L at Sugar ( It comes with the hat, the boots, everything except the hair. OR you might win it in MM or one of the lucky chairs. Sugar often puts out their quality items for you to win.

I like some of the thought that went into this outfit … the little veil with the hat has some nice embroidered detailing on it that matches the see through underskirt. Lots of little “peeks” with this dress that make it a bit naughty (which I always need encouragement with) and sexy. The garters and the striped stockings finish the look and I love the laced detailing on the shrug – the front, and particularly the back.

So I was hanging out trying to act like a candy cane but people kept asking about getting their hair cut, which I finally started doing ….and hey it is amazing what you can get away with by just saying “oooh “ a whole lot, and “this soooo suits your face …,” and “soooo chic ….” (that’s my French classes coming through there folks). Even the one guy … when I accidentally cut of part of his ear …. I just said, “Van Gogh baby … sooo in this season ….” I made a whole lot of money and am going shopping now. But if you buy this dress you better not be hanging out on my corner ….

SKIN: Red Queen - - Sun

HAIR: Vintage Wear - (VW) London Import - Black Tones - $250L
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