Friday, June 5, 2009

Closet Diving

Every once in awhile a girl just has to bit the bullet and dive in .... to her closet that is. So once I managed to get on all my safety gear, I did exactly that. Pulled out an outfit I am sure I either got from a freebie place or on a hunt. I can speculate because when I first came on, I got ticked off with all the "extra junk" in the folders and being a real fashion genius (a very impatient fashion genius) I threw out all the pertinent information ... I was young and naive with no-one to guide me ..... THIS was a folder like that.

So I searched for the designer and it appears her store is gone or moved. Still ... I want to credit her Cattleya Harker ... I like the 70's feel to this ... feel like I should have a long cigaretter holder in one hand and a glass of white wine in the other ... lounging in front of the fire. How come they could make smoking look so glamourous in those old movies??

DRESS - Sorry - Cattleya Harker designer.
SHOES - Damania - Damani Chique - white $159L - comes in several colors.

JEWELLRY - Chuculet - - [chuculet] ava - necklace and earrings - gold - pearly white - dollarbie one of many -yeeehaw

HAIR - BP at Lloyd - - could not find - think it was from a hunt -but this hair is $150L and similar. BP*spring short bob1
SKIN - Red Queen - [rQ]Skin~Tan@o1.TYPE.01-B*PACK B.05 - this is NEW!!!
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