Friday, June 12, 2009


The Gnubie Store – what a find!! All of these skins and more – almost 50 in each pack of 4 skin choices are yours ... FREE!! Each style comes with coloring for blonde, black, brown or red and has a freckled and plain version for each. Shown here, I am using Pleiades, fair (Another skin) all in the black plain and freckled tones. Designer Eloh Eliot has done these and I think they are really cute and fun.

Lots of really pretty necklaces can be found on one of the 4 floors in this store and there is so much more!! Whinter took me to this store to look at a few things and I was amazed at some of the finds. Houses, accessories, clothing, fun things .... the nice thing is there is a little something for everyone, no matter what your style, men included. I picked up a sweet beach building with open walls, a fire pit and seating ... all done in what looks like redwood. It was designed by Forseti Svarog who teaches intermediate building at the Design Center, Idea City.

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