Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lapping in UP!!!!

So I told you about the fabulous Moulin Rouge outfits at Diram … this is the Christina one and I can only say if I had this in real life I would be so wearing it to work. Tired of them not taking me seriously. The only problem for me here in SL is that evidentally my boobs … only size 400mm are not quite enough to fill it out. BUT HEY, we all live under illusions ... like thinking you look hot only to find out you are 8 feet tall and evidentally only good for pushing peas if you can find a green skin, a leaf dress, live in a valley somewhere, find the hand on hip pose, and learn the line "HO HO HO" with a really deep voice ... queue kermit the frog singing “It isn’t easy being Green.”)

So checked out some of the HOPE HUNT locations which took me to Sxy2nd sim which is great with it’s pier and the ferris wheel and lots of great shopping. Found this one store NOON and picked up my yellow rose and didn’t think too much about it. Got back home and VOILA - 7 CHAIRS!!! I liked the chairs BUT when I SAT on one …. WOOOOOHOOOOO …. (thank heavens I put my panties on..) I was a bumping and a grinding like a pro. I immediately cancelled my name off the 3 year waiting list for the Donald Trump School of Lap Dance by Correspondance. You can't buy these kinds of opportunities folks .... and I didn't!!! It fell into my lap!!!

I am so going to put them around the dining room table for guests …..

Oh and Shay … may have to leave work a little early each night … I am picking up a little extra money on the side …. Woohoo…. (anyone want a singing-lap-o-gram??? me….)


SHOES: ALEGRIA - - Alegria Designs Silver Chained pumps Black - $50L (on special) (hey the hooker boots were on - some for $50L and then she gave them all away free!!! (yes I picked some up) This store is worth putting on your list ... they are always doing cool things like that)

HAIR: MIRAI STYLE - - .+*Jane*+.Blonde&Pearl [MS] - $200L

SKIN: OBSCENE - - [the oBscene] GANESHA - AMBER - PACK2 celeste

CHAIRS: NOON - - .::NOON::. Sexy Dance Chair – FREE!!! (this is a tricky rose to find … make sure you look for the hidden doorway to the back room
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