Monday, June 29, 2009

Ode to Escher.

Escher was an artist who liked to play with architecture, perspective and impossible spaces. I certainly have been referred to as impossible on a number of occasions …. Most of them did not come out well for me and involved an authority figure … and unlike the intended compliment that was paid to Escher, the reference to me was usually meant as an observation of some disgust ….

Being impossible simply means that you do not conform to what is expected and like it or not … that is me. I have never conformed, never gone along with the crowd (even in those tough teenage years when it is the biggest source of angst) – I have always embraced and celebrated all that makes me different. So this dress, and Escher, have my heartfelt thanks for the willingness to be impossible.

OUTFIT INCLUDES SHOES: LEMANIA’s - - Black and white dress [LI] Ode To Escher Box - Group Gift 62709 - $1L (includes shoes and bracelet)

HAIR: INGENUE - - Ingenue ~ Scarlett ~ Blue Black - $100L
SKIN: OBSCENE - -[the oBscene] GANESHA - AMBER - PACK3 – inferno

EARRINGS: LACIECAKES - LacieCakes - Elis Earrings (BOXED) - DSN Gift
EYELASHES: Glow - Avantgarde. eyelashes - eyeliner 01 updated
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