Sunday, June 21, 2009

Party Pants.

Summer in Australia is the best argument for nudity I’ve ever known … but if you have to put something on, please God let be light and airy like this little cover up top from Twosome. It comes with a white bikini and a couple of variations on the top including a see through version which looks nice over other colors. Not that it is summer here now (I am under my heavy doona shivering, closing my eyes really tight and pretending it’s hot ok … don’t you dare wreck my delusions …. Damn it is cold here in the winter).

I probably am considered to be running around in my underwear here but I love the patterns and colors of some of the leggings that come with the long dresses and like to use them with outfits. (hey this is my little imaginary world … I can do what I like) I can wear leggings and feel like the party is always happening AND the flower patterns cover up the prison stripes really well too. Could be why that gang of Fashionistas on that street the other day were all pointing and laughing at me and calling me “panty-head” – even though I was NOT wearing them on my head … I swear!!

The flower collar is not because I am trying hard to fit in with the real fashion bloggers but simply because it is the only way to cover up my regular collar … slipped off the leash again .. hehehehe.

SHIRT/BATHING SUIT COMBO: Twosome - Frilly Summer Thing - $120L

CHOKER: Cutie Honey - no longer available

SKIN: Den Dou OD4 Heidi skin -Champagne- /01 Sugar

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