Friday, June 26, 2009


Ok I admit I closed my eyes and squealed a little bit going through the door into POSH for the first time .... – just because the whole Spice Girl thing drives me a little crazy. When Sporty Spice had the issue with her weight BALLOONING out of control and all the media referring to her as a “fat pig” – and they had the pics to prove it – I was generally disheartened when she showed up in my home town. Saw her in person …. she was … (please be downsitting folks this is gonna be a shocker, cover your mouths and be prepared to gasp …. ) a Size 8. YUP!!! It was then I realized just how sickly the rest of them are just to be able to pull off a great photo that we can all pin up on our walls and die trying to achieve. (picking up my dart and throwing it at my almost obliterated pic of the Spice Girls)

HOWEVER – this POSH store is nothing at all like that – great clothes, generous gifts. This nice little number is just sitting all packaged with a pretty bow on the coffee table for you. Check out some of their other stores that are participating in the HOPE HUNT – great gifts in their roses as well … all free!!!

Special mention also to Le Pinceau – great skins. Check it out.

DRESS: (POSH) - - Black Party Girl Dress w/bangles –FREE GIFT!!

SHOES: N-core - -N-core STYLUS XtremeHeel Black HIGH - $495L

EARRINGS: ALIENBEAR - - Alienbear Design (Eostre Earrings Black)- $190L

SKIN: Le Pinceau - - Le Pinceau - Mei Mei Pale Special Edition – Group Gift FREE

HAIR: MADESIGNS - .::MADesigns Hair::. Natural BLACK ~ JUDE - $300L

LASHES: Silhouette Lashes - -Silhouette Lashes 2 - FREE GIFT.
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