Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Running Rabid.

I was sneaking around the picnic area waiting for people to turn the other way so I could grab a hotdog or a Frisbee or something ….used to just show up at the family picnics and pretend to be Aunt Mary’s first husband’s son’s wife’s mother-in-law and while they were trying to piece that together quickly fill up my plate and run. If I thought they were at all suspicious .. I would just pinch a few of the little kids cheeks (but you have to be careful with that cause there is this syndrome with cheek pinching and you sort of get in this zone when you pinch and clench your teeth at the same time and say “ooooh what a cutie you are … wook at this wittle face…” and you just pinch a little harder and then the kid starts screaming and the mammas come running and the cops get called and it takes the paramedics an hour to get your fingers pried off the kids face and then there is all that nasty business with the electrotherapy … best just not to pinch in the first place …. )

It does take me back to my childhood (which was last week if any of you need to know … ) running willy nilly through the parks – a handful of potato salad in one hand, a leg of chicken in the other .. not knowing if this would be your last meal or if the sirens were for you … wheeeeeeee…..

…Ok … back ….that guard at the door is really fast …. Umm … ya this is what I am wearing …

DRESS: INGENUE - - Ingenue :: Hothouse Flower :: Wilted Rose- FREE DSN

EARRINGS: TICKY TACKY - - Every girl Must Have Pearls – Free Hunt gift.

SHOES: YUMMI DESIGNS - - * *YUM* - Isabella! - $600L

HAIR: GROOVY GIRL - - groovygirl designs mari umber - $150L (style bought at hair fair)

SKIN: LARA SKINS - - Lara Skins-Delia blue

EYELASHES – BELLEZA - - Belleza Eyelashes – included with skins
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