Sunday, June 14, 2009

Shadows of White.

Just love lazy days. Casual in white again, with a bit of sultry sexiness lent to me by the teasing cut of this summer stunner. I like the adapted t-back in this connected with a more substantial higher collar and then a buckle on each side. Alegria Garden got the balance of this dress perfect, keeping it on the side of elegance instead of letting it slip into a more provocative frock. Alegria Designs is a great store with lots of your bikini and summer needs and plenty of great shoes – check them out sometimes there is an unexpected sale mixed in among them.

I set the dress up with a single gold bangle made by Midas Blazer for Slitheen. I really like some of his jewellery and it is all reasonably priced. The store itself has a smattering of hair, clothing, tattoos, skins and great boots. There are full permission items for sale here as well. Lots for Neko’s.

Chose simply elegant strappy white sandles from Shiny Things at $100L. Lots of colors to choose from here.

The new skin (for me) from Glance is a favourite – I believe Whinter Paine introduced me to this one as well. The hair from Cake has a bit of old Hollywood Glamour in it and flows while I walk, swirling around with every movement. Very feminine.

DRESS: Alegria Designs - - Lissa White- $190L

BRACELET: Slitheen - Elegant gold flower-$60L

SHOES: Shiny Things - - (Shiny Things) T-straps revamped – white - $100L

HAIR: Cake - - Faith - Blonde - Flexi Hair - $375L

LASHES: Silhouette Lashes - -DANGEROUS – part of the pack gift
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