Friday, June 19, 2009

She Walks In Beauty.

Hey I slept all night with my hair in pin curls and with tissue stuffed everywhere – I have no idea why but evidently that is how you achieve this look (and my bra looked amazing for once)and so I went for it … mind you this information came from a really old lady at the bus stop who had sorta' purple hair, smelled of cats and old peppermints (or maybe it was peppermint and old cats … I forget…) and had those kind of elephanty brown hose that wrinkles all down over your shoes and makes you think … “hmmm she kinda looks like a Shar Pei when the sun hits her just right ….” So maybe I shoulda' checked with Shay … she knows all about these kinds of things … like which ear you stick your gum behind before you take a picture ….

So now that I have my hair like this I am just gonna' stand myself in a corner each night … not that it could move being sorta' cemented in with shellac (ran out of hairspray). I think I have to register it as a lethal weapon though cause one of the hairs came loose and it almost poked my eye out.

Anyway … this dress – the complete outfit you see here is FREE!!! AND (you might want to sit down for this one …. The one free click you make … gives you several color options). So run right over to Bijou ( )and get yours (it’s down in the basement wayyyyy over in the right hand corner along with 3 other freebies…) Um … don’t mention my name on account of I was so excited I kind of made a commotion and was escorted off the premises by one of those automated shop assistants who let me tell you … was a lot more animated than you would think ….woooo did she say some words to me that I had never heard…..(wrote them all down in my little book).

The shoes are ones I bought some time ago .. you know my earlier confession … love them and no idea where I got them or how much they cost but MadamG Zagato designed them and she does not seem to be doing shoes anymore from reading her profile.
The hair I added cause no-one likes a bald avi. And alright the story about the pincurls … you can go that route OR you can go to Ingenue ( ) and get Ingenue ~ Senorita ~ Cinnamon for $100L. That way you can stand your hair in the corner when you are done and your head doesn’t have to go with it …
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