Saturday, June 27, 2009

Taupe Tonight

There is something about Taupe that is elegant and always unexpectedly understated - colors have always fascinated me and especially the names they are given. (Please file under things you were dying to know about Bliss and now you do ... your lives are almost complete ....)
I could not believe the number of beautiful gifts and freebies available from ROC – well worth a look around. Seriously, I was very impressed, joined up on the spot and will visit frequently.

The earrings are from this little store called Junk – some really different pieces there and priced just right. Also picked up 2 other pairs and a sweet pack of glitter earrings with several different colors.

Cupcakes is having huge sales on their skins right now – she has packed up some of the skins with a great outfit – several different options – all for @250L and throughout the week she has done some great quick deals of buy any pack and get a $1000L gift card. Cupcakes is always generous and always gives good value for the dollar. I have to say these skins are some of my favourites and I have so many it is probably obsessive on my part now …. But I promise I do not have them lined up in a neat row in a cupboard ( no they are in a neat row in the filing cabinet …. Lol)

TP’d to the shoes – they have closed. That happens a lot to stores after I have been there … something about the bylaws and nudity and inappropriate behaviour … I always leave before the police show up so I usually don’t get the follow up … unless on those rare occasions they find out where I live, arrest me, I go to court and part of my probation is dealing with the aftermath … then I usually get lots of pics and details …..this one … no idea ….

Hair love love love the short cuts … this one is obviously one of my favourites.
DRESS: ROC - - *[ROC]* Delilah Gown and Dress Champagne – FREE GIFT!!

SHOES: Lis_Noir – Taupe – No longer available

EARRINGS: {JUNK} - - {JUNK} India Dangles - 50L

EYELASHES: OBSCENE - - came with skins.
SKIN: CUPCAKES - *CUPCAKES - Seduction - Copper – Glimmer

HAIR – Little Heaven - - LH_hair13_rabi_white_box man short - $200L
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