Monday, June 8, 2009

Turquoise Tease.

Casual and fresh this turquoise layered lace skirt flirts with the viewer, showing allowing occasional glimpses of the matched lace shorts underneath, providing both modesty and charm. Riding perfectly on the hips, I chose to accent it with a diamond belt from Glitter that I received from one of the hunts .

Wanting to keep the feeling of the skirt, I chose a light see through blouse, removing the bow from the front and keeping the gauzy feel of the blouse, adding a pretty white lace virginal bra from Dragon and Rose , one of the great little shops surrounding Lemania Indigo’s castle and always part of her many hunts. This set came from one of those hunts. Shoes were a perfect casual match, stolen from another Lemania package from one of her retired designs.

I love the new Red Queen Skins and matched this one with hair from Vintage, liking the bangs and the straight severity against the soft girliness of the outfit. Jewellry is another recent find for me from Gems and Kisses that was just enough of an impact without overpowering the overall balance.

SKIRT: So Many Styles - - SMS-Lace Mini Blue - Group Gift

BLOUSE : Gumi’s - See-through Shirt *Domino - $128L

LINGERE: Dragon and Rose - - Fancy Lace Virgin White (hunt gift)

BELT: Glitter - - My Diamond Belt - (hunt prize)
SHOES: Lemania Indigo Designs - - Falling Bird Pump from Falling Bird Boxed Set - (retired – her sets often include matching shoes)

JEWELLRY: Gems & Kisses - - Today - Plat&Sapphire - Mini Set - $500L
SKIN: Red Queen - [rQ]Skin~Tan@o1.TYPE.01-B*PACK B.04

HAIR: Vintage Wear - (VW) Fashion Pop - Black Tones - $250L

EYELASHES: Glow Avantgarde. eyelashes - eyeliner 01 updated
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