Sunday, June 28, 2009

Turquoise Touches

So I was walking around in this outfit looking for a great place to take the pic and this guy walked up to me. He said, "Caio" and I was like sooo excited... a friend had just had a romantic little incident with an Italian that turned out really well. I said, "Hello." - only after exhausting endless possibilities of witty comebacks .... and he said "No speeek Italian?" I said, "no, sorry" and he said "It's ok" and then he asked "where are you from?" and I answered, "Australia" he said "ahhh " and then he vanished ..... alright .... where did I go wrong and can I sue the Australian government for wrecking my social life ... look into that will you ... and get back to me ...

Lots of little bits and pieces today in this outfit ... most of them free or nearly free. New Toulouse Algiers is so worth a visit - great clothes at great prices and so many gifts or near gifts. She has also done the most beautiful job with her shop and the area around it ... absolutely gorgeous.

First time skins from Fishy Strawberry - now available and really nicely done. Comes in 3 shades.


JEANS: TWISTED AND SPOILED - - ::Twisted and Spoiled::Cropped Top & Jeans – (HUNT GIFT)

JACKET: NEW TOULOUSE ALGIERS - - Leather black coat for women - $1L

SHOES: DARK MOUSE - - DM Get to the Point Boots – Black - (unable to find to quote you a price)

EARRINGS: MAGIA - - Color changing earrings - dollarbie

BELT: GLITTER - - Jewel Daisy Weave Belt – Easter Hunt Gift

SKIN: FISHY STRAWBERRY - - *Fi-St* Skin Daphne – Cappuccino – Fishy Blonde (these are the new skins just out)

HAIR: MADESIGNS - . - .::MADesigns Hair::. Platinum BLONDE ~ FORD - $300L

LASHES: SILHOUETTE LASHES - -DANGEROUS – part of the pack gift
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