Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Typing Pool Wants YOU!!!

Well probably not YOU ... they really want ME ... but the poster says "Uncle someone wants YOU" so if I said ME it would not have been so darn intelligent and cute and you probably would not be reading this right?

I went for a job interview once. It was for a temporary office position. They said dress conservatively so I put a bra on – figured I could still get away without the panties because who would notice and if the interview was gonna go that way … they would have called it a “date.”

They asked me a lot of tough questions like “What do you think are your best assets?” So I draped myself across his desk and told him I found it really hard to chose and I asked for his opinion. He seemed to be really seriously considering which he liked best until that whiny (pinch your nose when you talk and make your voice really high and affected like …)secretary came in and gasped and dropped her steno pad. It sorta wrecked the moment … you know…

Anyway I wanted to know which office was gonna be mine and who would be decorating it. I also told him I didn’t like my desk cluttered up with uneccessary things like those machines everyone sits at and moves their hands on.

Whiny-voice said there was another appointment waiting and so I had to go. She said they would get back to me … but something in the way she rolled her eyes and snorted …. I am pretty perceptive you know …. I am still waiting for the phonecall … it’s been 3 years … do you think I should call them? I know, I know …. Tooo pushy right?

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