Monday, June 22, 2009

What Really Went Down This Weekend at Linden Labs.

My flight arrived under cover of darkness …. I hailed a cab and headed over to my destination . The cab pulled up outside a seedy neighbourhood. “This can’t be right,” I protested to the cabby. He looked at the piece of paper I held in my hand and pointed at the number on the dilapidated old shack …it was definitely the right address. Reluctantly I got out and walked up to the front door as the cabby sped off …. there was no going back. I walked across the old tire tubes, around a broken down washing machine, and skirted around various piles of dirty laundry … yep this had to be the place. Finally I reached the door and started to knock when the door swung open, protesting as it did with a saddened groan. Something about the sound was sadly familiar as it called to a place within my own soul. It took a minute for my eyes to adjust the room was completely in the dark. It seemed somehow appropriate to the circumstances that had brought me there. As my eyes swept over the room …. cobwebs and broken dreams lay everywhere …. an old child’s science kit was neatly laid out on an upside down cardboard box and someone had crudely written across the box “Lab – KEEP OUT – NO girls allowed.” And then I saw him … sitting on a wooden crate, crayolas in one hand, etch-a-sketch in another ….muttering something about new and improved versions of SL …. I had found Mr. Linden!!!

(for your own safety and peace of mind, due to the violent and disturbing nature of the what transpired next .... the following paragraph has been removed from this site ....)

JACKET: LEEZU - - *LeeZu Baxter* NightLove FlexiJacket /black - $250L

PANTS: Zaara - - Zaara : Ishaya Velour slacks *white* - $145L

SHOES: Lemania Indigo - - Fly Away High (included in outfit) - $1L

EARRINGS: Pear Drops Black – Viola Bach – freebie – no longer available

HAIR: Tukinowaguma - - Tukinowaguma Ebony $300L (Hair Fair)

SKIN: PULSE SKIN - - Pulse Skin - Timeless ll/Makeup 3

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