Wednesday, June 3, 2009

When Life Asks You to Dance...

Sometimes in unexpected moments we find ourselves completely caught off guard by beauty. That was the case for me yesterday as I dashed madly about hunting with some friends. We were caught up in the frustration of hours spent searching for impossible small objects, tping (when it worked) to the wrong slurls, navigating back and forth from sl to internet, picking up our precious finds and rushing on. We were tired and cranky and so when I suddenly saw this dress called Napoleon's Passion at New York Couture at Mystic, Mystic I found myself stopping and smiling.

I stopped and savoured the moment, thinking about afternoon garden parties of long long ago in kinder and gentler times. I immediately knew where I wanted to photgraph the dress and I could not wait to put it on. Pricey at $500L - it was worth every penny to me. I kept it in my inventory, not even wanting to open it until the next morning when I could focus all my attention on it. It was my happy little secret.

Sometimes life issues an invitation to put on a pretty dress and dance in fields of flowers .... life asked ... and I danced ... most of the afternoon.

DRESS: New York Couture - Napoleon's Passion - $500L

SKIN: Rockberry [ROCKBERRY] Uma A Natural

HAIR: Calico Ingmann Creations - Arianna Light Auburn $200L

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