Wednesday, June 10, 2009

White on White.

Nothing says summer to me more than white on white. There is something about heading back to your room after a warm day spent lazing around the beach in your swimming togs or shorts, showering, and changing into a soft white dress to head out for a romantic dinner on a patio somewhere, watching the sunset. This soft sweet dress floats around you as you move. The not quite wrapped-around top provides a sensual compliment to the barely there gauze of the layered skirt. It just seems to wrap you in its softness and caresses the feminine.

I chose simple slip on white shoes, my hair tossed up in a quick knot on top of my head, and added a soft ballet-pink bow. Earrings and jewellery all adding to the halo effect and nothing in itself drawing the eye.

A couple of good grabs with this set include Chuculet dollarbie store which has so many great things, I always load up on everything and seem to discover them at moments like this and feel like I just found something tucked away in my drawer that was really special, and I forgot about it ... little touches that mean a lot.

The earrings may seem pricey but are so versatile and the set comes with both black and white pearls and options for style. Pearls are always a basic for any wardrobe.
The hair is also really worth it considering the price. Again, I think people may tend to pass over some of these designers and their stores, discounting them for a fashion look, when they are actually really good and adapt easily into a more adult looking environment.

May I just also say that I love the simplicity of Leezu’s dress and apologize that again, this was one of my earlier dresses and as such I do not have the pricing information, etc. I went back to the store but was unable to find it. I can tell you it was either a freebie or did not cost too much as I knew nothing about Lindens when I started. My point here is that newbies tend to overlook the nicer stores thinking they cannot afford them and I have found most designers to be very generous and many of them even have special packages put together for newbies – so don’t be intimidated ... go and look around. It’s just like going to a good fashion store in RL and getting ideas of what is in style and then keeping an eye out for either a sale or something that looks similar but is cheaper.

I love Lara skins, this one seemed the perfect, soft compliment to the outfit. The lips are not overdone and appeal to me as a look I use in real life.

DRESS: Leezu - - [LeeZu!] Lizz Flexi Dress

JEWELLRY: Exodi - - Exodi Bailey's Pearl Earrings $350L

CS Fandango - - snowflake Bracelet and cocktail ring (hunt gift)

HAIRBAND: Chuculet dollarbie store - [chuculet] cindy - hairband - ribbon - satin pink

SHOES: Valentina Bechir designer – unknown source - Valentinas pointed white

SKIN: Lara Skins - Lara Skins-Carla bronzed

HAIR: **DP**yumyum - -*barberyumyum*09/honey - $120L

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