Friday, July 31, 2009

A Face.

She is just that type of girl - fun-lovin', kind of kooky, everybody's favourite person to be around. Life never has to invite her to dance - she is the dance.

Huge sale going on right now - all the old stock reduced to ridiculous prices. You can dress your little bohemian butt all the way to Woodstock for a song!!!

Mix And Match. - Everything worn here, skin, hair, clothes - everything is from Mix and Match and the entire outfit, including the skin and hair - $430L!!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009


by: Biss Windlow

spilled boxes of paint stained with age
words and pictures tossed on a page
ribbons and lace
quiet and grace
dreams of all life’s possibilities
wings that long to fly
where e’re the winds might take me

shelter and comfort strong arms that enfold me
hands worn by hard work, Strength of body and soul
garden and sports
smart ass retorts
reason and calm, eyes that see all
feet planted strong in the earth
commanding the winds to give me flight

I seldom wear blue jeans in real life – I love the feel of materials and colours way too much. But a pair of blue jeans on a Saturday morning with my favourite guy as we head off to the markets … I can live with. The incongruencies of everything in this look moved me deeply, the soft feminine of the shirt, with the serviceable stand-by of blue jeans – the white with the blue – the exaggerated make-up with a harder look with the casual hair bobby-pinned in place. Love this look.

SHIRT: BareRose - ::: B@R ::: Duet SET - $140L just part of set
JEANS: Holli Pocket- *HP* Cerulean Secret Lacey Jeans - $120L
SHOES: Lemania Indigo - Lestat Reuven- Happy Wedge - $100L part of outfit
JEWELLRY: Fresh Baked Goods – Gem Thumbprint Earrings and Necklace - $100L each many options
BELT: House of Hucci - ::HH:: Hucci Diva Belt DSN – Free GiftHAIR: Waffles! - @Waffles - Miucha (darks) - $200L
SKIN: Red Queen - [rQ]Skin~Sun@TYPE.o7-L.o2
LASHES: GLOW - Innocent lashes - Gentle - $100L

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Totally Betty!!

This outfit is so total … it is definitely a “totally.” Even Veronica would be eating her heart out with jealousy and I am sure Archie would be all over this.

I have to say that Akaya Gossipgirl is one of the nicest people I have met under stressful circumstances. There she was, caught in the crosshairs of the angry milling mob around the Lost Slipper Hunt, demanding answers, unvalidated, uninvited to the big ball after the hunt. They needed their tags changed, and even my offer to use my big marking pen to label us all “the uninvited” which ... if you followed the Cinderella story would mean only one of a couple of things:

1 – we were not considered eligible ... OR
2 – we were darn unattractive

... and seeing that they lowered the standards enough to allow for the 2 ugly step sisters to attend the ball – being excluded was not a good thing ….

But Ms. Gossipgirl was as polite and friendly as could be, and quickly changed my tag … the fact I had a weapon in my hand I don’t think influenced her at all … I think she is naturally nice .. or on heavy duty valium … you pick …

I felt so guilty about the threatening mob, I went shopping in her store. She wasn’t there – probably behind the counter hiding when she saw me come in but I did find lots of fantastic clothes – she will obviously be very well dressed at the ball!! Talented lady.

OUTFIT: Total Betty - ::TB::Ricky [White] - $210L (includes bangle, leggings AND shoes)
EARRINGS: LUC - Chakra Necklace & Earring - $189L
HAIR: IREN – Flowered Blacks - gift
SKIN: Lara Skins – Adella – free gift
LASHES: GLOW - [ glow ] Innocent lashes - Gentle $100L

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Eco~Chic is For All the Little Birds And Bees!!!

So my friend Whinter Paine was waiting for me when I logged on ... she was jumping up and down and screaming ... I could tell because my 'puter was bouncing all over the place on my desk. She told me she had to show me this amazing bed in this cool new store she found, so I quickly jumped on the opportunity to don some fantastic jammies from Lemania's (no-one ever invites me to their 'jammie parties anymore so a girl has to take advantage of what opportunities she has) Before I knew it, Whinter had my little avi hand in hers and we were flying through cyberspace to Eco-Chic.

Maeve Yoshikawa had the great idea to incorporate ecologically correct designs into SL - knowing that even the idea, kept in the forefront of our minds, helps a great cause. I have to say I really liked her set up - everything is outdoors with animals everywhere ... even a Moose and some beavers which are just so Canadian ... sat and reminisced about maple syrup and ketchup for awhile ... being as I am a trained professional moose whisperer and all .... *wiping a tear from my patriotic eye ... sounds of Michael Buble singing "I wanna go home..." KIDDING Mom ... DO NOT send me a ticket ..."

This furniture is really unique and provides something different and politically correct for your SL home. I can't wait to see how this idea develops and what other pieces she comes up with. Like many new designers she is sort of that threshold where she has the ideas but has spent a small fortune getting started and now needs the traffic to get things going. Evidentally the beds contain several poses as well and they really are very clever and well done. There are also other pieces of furniture available and more to come!! Whinter was drooling over the dresser and I know she has already checked my couch for extra nickles.

Ride your bike over to her store and check it out ... just don't try to pet the bears ... bears are NOT your friends .....

FURNITURE: Eco~Chic – bed - $2000L
PAJAMAS: Lemania - [LI] Peaceful Sleep Box – Prozac Hunt
HAIR: Demier Cri - (Dernier Cri) Audrey - Black and Grey Shades - $245L
SKIN: Nic Delvalle - So Envious - contact her personally
LASHES: GLOW – Innocent Lashes - $100L

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The Nic Delvalle Story - coming soon to a "Movie of the Week" near YOU!!!

Clear Canning posted info on a new skin designer who was without a store and hoping to be able to afford to open one soon. She gave the contact information so I took the opportunity to speak to Nic Delvalle about her efforts. She was happy to share some of her skins and I tried them and bought a few. This post is a tribute to her, her efforts and the quality of her first ever skins!!

I think the response must have been pretty good because within a day Nic contacted me again to let me know she had enough requests, she had done some in darker tones.

I love happy endings .... contact her if you are interested ... nice to play a small part in what is sure to be a success story. And what more proof do you need that blogging helps? Thanks Clear for the great tip and to all of the bloggers who enlighten and entertain me each and every day!!!

And BTW - I usually go to Demier Cri for the hair but saw this outfit and thought I would try it. I absolutely love it AND it comes with the cutest jacket - mine was lilac but there are several colours to choose from. These are my favourite summer shorts!! AND how cute is this belt? I had the one in gold from Mix&Match and begged Manis to pullllease do one in silver and voila ... a happy co-operative designer who even let me IM her (hand over mouth in shock!!!) hehe. I think it has something to do with her hippie vibe (wink wink nudge nudge) everyone was happy in the 70's ...

SKIN: Nic Delvalle - Darkness – IM her for more info
HAIR: Maitreya - Maitreya Apple - Nuts Pack - $295L
OUTFIT: Demier Cri - -DC- Alaina: Violet - $150L
BELT: Mix And Match- :::MM::: Boho Stylist Chain Belt, SILVER by Mix and Match - $50L
EYELASHES: GLOW – Innocent Lashes - $100L

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Gran Loaned Me Her Specs AND Her Teeth!!! Whoot!!!

Yes I am making a “spectacle” of myself with these funky new new new :::MM::: grandmere funky spec2,wt flower from Mix And Match. I don’t think this woman ever sleeps!! There are 3 different choices of glasses and each comes with its own little flower because after we put down the marijuana we had to put something in our mouth (hand over mouth in shocked surprise … did I say that out loud ??? Grandma .. cover your eyes please … literary license .. I promise you that’s all … I never inhaled ….) $50L folks .. that’s it and one of these spanky new eye covers could be yours!!!

EVERYTHING I am wearing here (except for the eyes) is from Mix and Match. Stay tune for some exciting new developments in the ole Mix and Matchville coming soon to a computer near you!!! I will cover it in all its gory detailness – only because I am really good with paper and crayolas. RUN over there now and ask about the new hair … funky funky funky … you will lurve it.

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Lime and Da Coconut (guess which one is me??)

Love the fresh fun feeling of this Lime and da Coconut outfit that is out for one week from Lestat Reuven at the French Farm for just $1L!!! Gee she is a talented lady with some great ideas and I always look forward to what she is going to do next. I understand she is taking a well deserved break from her whirlwind frenetic designer pace and she will absolutely be missed!! I am only wearing part of the outfit which includes a long skirt addition and shoes. FUN FUN FUN and it certainly saves me from my usual rendition of a coconut which involves this sort of cupped hairy head piece and last year when I wore it I ended up in National Inquirer as proof that Sasquatch exists – hey even BAD publicity is good publicity folks .. you read it here first …

I cannot tell you how much I adore this chunky gold necklace and earring set from the Boho queen Manis Lane over at Mix and Match!! I can actually feel the weight of it and the roundness of the links in my hand when I click them onto my avi …. I tell you one thing … if you are ever having a tough time of it, sign up with Manis’s group. Not only do you get great gifts constantly, she always puts thought into her notes and starts them out with something none of us hear enough … “you are loved.” May sound corny, but with her, you know she means it … she really cares about her customers.

So a great pair of shoes that can be adapted to the outfit … these have so been worth every penny I paid for them and I have to mention this cute hair new from Truth – love the shorter styles and this one in particular. Thanks to Nick for letting me know there was a sale going on … only it really was more like a whimpered cry for help because she couldn’t move and she is very quick in some things and thought … hmm there must be something going on here … hey we don’t call her “bloodhound Nickster” for nothing … well someone called her that … I think… maybe it was just some chick they called that .. you know Chick/Nick .. you can understand my confusion ….

OUTFIT : French Farm - Lestat Reuven-Lime and da Coconut – $1L ( only part of outfit)
SHOES: Kalnins Shoes – Coquette - $500L
NECKLACE AND EARRINGS: Mix And Match - :::MM::: Boho Stylist Earing and Necklace - $80L
SKIN: Lara Skins -Giulia smokey
HAIR: Truth Hair - Grazia >dark browns - $225L

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Somewhere on the Boardwalk.

Somewhere on the Boardwalk
by: Bliss Windlow

somewhere on the boardwalk
between the
angry words
slipped into my day
I walked away

somewhere by the fountain
close to the ugliness
of people
who disregard people
I decided

somewhere near the cherry tree
there was nothing more to say
unspoken words
saying more
and honoring my heart

somewhere on the boardwalk
I saw myself and knew
I could simply walk away
and enjoy the day

DRESS: Doux Petit Dahl!- !DPD: Little Dress [barbie pink] - $95L
JACKET: Doux Petit Dahl! - !DPD: Draped Cardigan [Haute Pink]- $150L
SHOES: Stiletto Moody - Stiletto Moody d'Orsay (Lipstick Red Patent) v3.01
SKIN: Lara Skins -Giulia smokey
HAIR: Truth Hair - Stephanie >dark browns - $225L

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy!!! Happy!!! Happy!!!

Happy was the only word to describe this little vegamite as I headed over to Tuli’s to pick up my member gift. Took a couple of moments to wander around the store (and the sim - it is really very pretty) - 'cause I had not been in awhile and I found this outfit - Ana Revamped.

I just had to have it – it is too cute for words and has a ton of options including hair colours. Look at the detail on the jacket – you can see the herringbone pattern in the material and I love the buttoned cross over showing even the slight gathering from the pull of the jacket – obviously because I have such huge bazoozums!!! I added a pair of her new Ribbon Knit Socks in black and I was ready to sing for my supper in a very chic "Oliver-meets-Ingird-the-beautiful-fashionista" sort of way. Of course the words to the song would have to be updated to reflect our improved diet and greater culinary sophistication:

Food Gloroius Food
Big Macs and french fries
While we're in the mood
Ice cream on our peach pie.....

I picked up this skin recently from The Abyss and I lurve it tons and tons and tons ... good thing I am in such a good mood, if they just let me loose in the real world .. I could turn this economy around in a heartbeat .... (please call Dr. Anderson at the Forest Lawn home for the criminaly insane and make sure you say Bliss Windlow .... not Bess ... cause she won't buy clothes trust me ... she likes being naked wayyy too much).

OUTFIT– TULI – Ana Revamped (includes hat and hair and neck tie) - $300L
SOCKS – TULI – Ribbon Socks Black - $60L
SHOES – Fashion Nomads - *FN* Kampala Stiletto – black - unknown
SKIN – The Abyss - Opium XP_Aesthetics[4]C
BRACELET – LEMANIA - Ode to Escher bangle - $1L (part of entire outfit of same name)
EYELASHES - GLOW - [ glow ] Innocent lashes – Gentle- $100L AND [ glow ] studio designs - Glam. curved 2-$100L

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Roaring Through the 20's Sans the Flat Chest and With 80's Hair.

by: Bliss Windlow(the fairy blog mother) from and and and

Reminiscent of the 20’s and the 30’s this “flapperlike” dress reminds me of a school play I was once almost in. They wanted me to have the lead cause they said they liked my voice best BUT the other girl – the one with the opera voice who sounded more like she should be in some remake of the munchkins on helium – was the girlfriend of the guy they had picked for the lead. Evidently the tonsil hockey which this incredibly professional rendition was going to engage in … was best left to the experts and it was clearI was not experienced in the department. (never understood what that meant except maybe the crinkle wrap and bow my grandparents sent me out to face the world in .. was a bit much). Later they confided in me they had turned me down for my own safety – evidently the other girls mom did not take rejection well and that movie about the mom who killed another girl or something so her daughter would make the cheerleading squad had just come out and copies had mysteriously showed up at the directors house … (Personally I think I could have taken the mother …. I was pretty strong back then and it might have been fun .. for a small town … you know??? … alright alright it was a grain elevator and an outhouse … I was using my literary license when I called it a "town.")

I love both the colour and the style of this dress and the sexy black straps underneath that show through. Makes me think that I could afford the dress and the underwear just had to be “functionable” (isn’t that every married man’s worst nightmare? “functionable underwear”).

Cloe’s new eyelashes with butterflies added a point of interest to the soft palette of makeup I chose. A much darker set of jewellery also adds some depth to this soft, sensual look.

DRESS: Digit Darkes-Rain-Buff (B) - $400L
JEWELLERY: Donna Flora - LADY black set - $350LNYLONS: *sugar* - clover stockings - unknown
SHOES: [Pacadi Jasha Ltd] - Gabrielle Sandals [fuchsia] - $215L
SKINS: Cupcakes- *CUPCAKES - Enchanted – Apricot - Midori
HAIR: Diorsis Hair - Francheska blond - $220
LASHES: Cloe - *Cloe Eyelashes* Free Spirit! Pink - $110L

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


the morning
sun stretched lazily through my windows
and ran its melted buttered fingers
through my tossled hair
I grabbed a dress and slipped it on and
hurried out the door
chasing shadows through the day
I never once looked back ...

DRESS: ELATE - * (Elate!) Felicity (Ice) - $300L
JEWELLERY: Chuculet - [chuchulet] sofia - jewelry - shell/pearl -$1L
SHOES: Vanity Designs .:VDI:. LeBurlesque Sarah Sandals with Bows – White- $75L
SKIN: Red Queen - RQ - [rQ]Skin~Sun@TYPE.02-B*PACK B-03
HAIR: Alli&Ali - A&A "Slept Longer" Hair DarkBrown, boxed – $175L
LASHES: GLOW – Innocent Lashes – Gentle - $100L

The Phoenix is Rising ... Move your Asses!!

Phoenix Rising is having a sale. Everything is $99L. Whinter says she went earlier and the lag was unbearable but I for some reason ... just this one time ... the SL Gods smiled on my sorry ass and I came and went without incident and scored big time!!

I was changing from outfit to outfit trying them on and two sort of overlapped one another in the taking off and putting on department and I liked what I saw so I left it.

Unfortunately this does not necessarily apply in real life so do not try it without the supervision of a trained professional ... I did once and ended up going to work with my back door jammies with the feeties in them (back door not so trapped unfortunately) and a really smart jacket with vest and gorgeous brooch on top. I did not get the promotion .....

OUTFITS: Phoenix Rising – Combo of two outfits – Intentions and Inner Wrappings – Gold – each $99L
SHOES: - Illy Creations – black shoes with bow - hunt gift
JEWELLERY: Hucci Apparel - HH:: Black Tourmaline Dion Set - $350L (set)
LASHES: GLOW – Innocent Lashes – Gentle - $100L
SKIN: Fishy Strawberry - Daphne, Cappuccino- Smokey-Black
HAIR: Boon - *booN UZU22 hair J&Black pack - $200L

Ranena Olivier Couture

Ranena Olivier Couture happens to be one of my frequent haunts. This collage of examples from her work are just a tease for the wonderful delights that await your visit to her store. I love the colour of Carmella – it seems incredibly soft with the sheer material blending crossing lines of green, yellow and blue until it almost glows an unknown myseteriously beautiful glow of green that at times seems to breathe life. A stamped markedly raised gold stamping of interlacing gridlock imperfect rounded rectangles catches the lights and makes the poof of the sleeves possible and believable.

The black and red outfit is to die for. I love the bodice that starts with lace and gives way to wrapped satin that slides down over the hips and explodes into a satin sea of red. I love how she framed the black bodice with long red gloves that are topped with matching black lace.

The blue jean outfit was so unexpected – you can almost reach through the screen and touch the denim – it looks that real. I still felt, even though we’re talking denim, like I wanted to dress up to wear this outfit.

You just have to go and check the store out. It is worth saving those pennies to be able to afford one of her beautifully crafted creations. Thank-you Ranena for allowing me the privilege of blogging your store and these exquisite outfits.

Carmella - Green Outfit.

DRESS: Ranena Olivier Couture - *[ROC]* Carmella - $400L
JEWELLERY: LUC - (luc) Rebirth Necklace & Earrings Set, Turquoise/MTrio - $299L
SHOES: Magic Studios - Gold Shoes metallic – similar shoes $1500L with full permissions
HAIR: Pocket Mirrors- Brenda Updo Platinum – $200L
SKIN: Glance – Marcia - Green
BUTTERFLY – GLOW - [ glow ] studio – eye decoration - butterfly magic - $150L

Estella - Red Outfit.
DRESS: Ranena Olivier Couture - *[ROC]* Estella - $500L
EARRINGS: Meghindo’s - {Meghindo's} Blood diamonds- Hunt Gift
SHOES - Sylfie's Prim Seduction *SM* Basic Black Stiletto Pumps – Hunt Gift
HAIR – LEEZU - La Vie En Fluer Hair - black - free gift on table
SKIN: Cupcakes – Enchanted- Apricot - Ruby
LASHES: GLOW – Innocent Lashes – Gentle - $100L

Jewled Jeans.

OUTFIT: Ranena Olivier Couture - *[ROC]* Jeweled Jeans - $350L
EARRINGS: Chuculet - [chuchulet] sofia - jewelry - gold/croc - $1L (set)
BELT: Mix&Match - :::MM::: Boho Stylist Chain Belt, by Mix and Match - $50L
SHOES: Wetherby’s - Wetherby's Platforms-Denim Diva "Bag" - $100L
HAIR – LEEZU - La Vie En Fluer Hair - black - free gift on table
SKIN: Corrupted Innocence – CI-Envy Skin – Fair Dark
LASHES: GLOW – Innocent Lashes – Gentle - $100L

Monday, July 20, 2009

Le Zoo Cupcakes NEW SKINS!!

I am certainly “Enchanted” with the new skins out just this moment from Cupcakes. I could not wait to try them, having been in love with the Seduction series from the moment I tried them on. I had a brief opportunity to speak with designer Rosemary Galbraith who gave me a little peek before the product was completely finished. I have to admit being in deep admiration of all designers and the work that goes into their finished product. I know so many of them really care about putting something out there that has value for their customers and most are generous to a fault. Imagine if we were all left to our own devices and had to wear only what we could create ourselves??? Let’s face it … we have no idea the amount of time and effort that goes into these things and for very little monetary reward. I am frankly surprised that more people on here aren’t incredibly selfish but these women give over and over again. We need to remember that and be thankful they share their gifts in so many beautiful and wonderful ways!! (stepping down off the soap box and putting it away for another day …. )

Enchanted is softer than some of the other skins and I chose to demo Fairy from the Apricot Series. I could not choose between Apricot and Sienna so I got both. As before with the Seduction series, the shadings in the face are particularly good and I really like the lipsticks and the gloss – I think she got those just about perfect.

When I spoke with Rosemary she explained to me some of the criticisms of her skins. There was no bitter complaining, only an acknowledgment of having considered that feedback in the new design. She wanted to please her customers and so they ventured into uncharted waters. I admire that creative spirit immensely. I don’t claim to be an expert on the technical side of things, I am just a lowly consumer like everyone else – I don’t see flaws that perhaps experts do – but isn’t that the point? I know when I see someone out there that really stops me – I am not looking for flaws – I am just appreciating. I really appreciate these skins.
Le Zoo Cupcakes - *CUPCAKES - Enchanted - Apricot - Fairy - $1000L each or $5000L fatpack.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Corrupted Innocence.

I had the absolute pleasure of recently checking out the new Envy skins by Kira Paderborn with Corrupted Innocence. I must say I really like the soft dewiness of the skin tone and couldn't wait to play around with the camera and see how it photographed. I really like the muted lipstick choices and the blending of the soft colors. It makes me feel very feminine. At this point I am sold so I guess Kira ... your life is complete now ... my "innocence" is officially "corrupted!!!" (my mother may need to speak with you ...)

I loved the skin tone against the darker hair but did not want black as it would be too harsh. The chocolate of the Fascio Licio was perfect. I chose a very muted dress just slightly darker than my skin tone with only whispers of color that hinted at the blush in my cheeks. I have a few pieces from Elemiah Designs - they caught my eye early on in my SL sojourn and as a newbie I coveted one of their very airy, reminiscent of the 70's pieces that could be worn as either a dress or a shirt. There is something very correct about this designers eye and I like this piece almost as much.

DRESS: Elemiah Designs - Elemiah Design - Dressy17 – $99L
SHOES: Vanity Designs -:VDI:. LeBurlesque Sarah Sandals with Bows - White $75L
EARRINGS: Exodi - Exodi Bailey's Pearl Earrings WHITE - $350L
HAIR: Fascino - {fascino} Licio DarkBrownCollection - $200L
SKIN: Corrupted Innocence - .::>>CI<<::. Envy Skin - (f01f)brown by Kira Paderborn LASHES: Silhouette Lashes – Dangerous – Gift

A Whisper of Baby's Breath.

I recently had the opportunity to be photographed by Scarlett Niven for her Digital Image Monthly Mini-Magazine-Bridal Beauty! Her instructions were simple – find a dress I loved and come be photographed. What a wonderful opportunity to be included in such a lovely project by a woman I admire so much.

I do love this dress. I purchased it some time ago – knowing it was ridiculous to purchase a wedding dress I would never use but hey this is a fantasy world and I was enjoying the sheer frivolous-ness of wasting money on something just because it was beautiful and I could! I mean come on ... you go around purchasing a bunch of wedding dresses in RL and fill up your closet and they have a word for it .... DESPERATE!!!!

So ... I decided I would try my inexperienced hand at some random shots of me in the gown. Me Me .... it's all about ME!!!! (hehehe)

!Modern Gyspy! Winter Garden Collection: Babybreath. I like the simplicity of baby’s breath. I used to love gathering huge bouquets of nothing else BUT baby's breath and place arrangements all around the house. I love the idea of a baby's breath - there is nothing more sweet and pure .....

This dress is so exquisitely white that it almost appears iridescent and I love the higher neck, bare arms and body hugging shape of the bodice, exploding in a sea of material and gathers that make you feel like you are floating. Even the tight fitting bodice is made from layers of sheer draped material .... absolutely breathtaking!! That they echoed the explosion of material in the veil making it much airier and lighter is exquisite.

Hair and skin are perfect for the dress - I needed a skin that could stand up against all the white without appearing garish and Lara Skins was perfect. Sofia by Pocket Mirrors is simple and elegant and can handle the elaborate head piece.

Shoes lovely details on the Goddess Line Pumps by Vanity Designs and jewellery again, was meant only to compliment. What better choice than pearls? Love love love this dress ... think I will wear it shopping ... just because I can in SL.... (and it scares the hell out of the men ... hehe .. love my men scared ....!!!)

SKINS: Lara Skins – Alice Brown
HAIR: Pocket Mirrors – Sofia Updo Brown - $200L
EARRINGS: Sister Strawberry - Sinyhy – Free Gift
BRACELET: ICING – Princess Pearl Bracelet – Hunt Gift
DRESS: Modern Gypsy - !Modern Gyspy! Winter Garden Collection: Babybreath - $300L
EYELASHES: Glow – Rhapsody Lashes – GLOW special - $150L
SHOES: Vanity Designs - .:VDI:. Goddess Line Pumps w/Studs – Ivory - $75L

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hurry ...I can't (puff).... hold 'em (puff puff)...back .. much (puff puff puff) ...longer!!!!

Grab your butts and RUN over to Fabulous Fashion TV and get this dress!! Then rent a date and head out on the town …. If you haven’t any money then create a male avatar and learn the fine art of logging off and on and switching between you and him while making out … (hey the evening will pass realllllllly quickly … I promise….). Although I must caution you about making a male avatar when you haven’t any money … what happens is he pretty much stays a newbie and then you start to look at the sorry little dweeb and you have to admit that he is a lot better looking than the last guy you dated in RL and your sorry sorry life becomes a lot sorrier …. and then you start to drink … and make phonecalls to random numbers asking people what they are wearing …. don’t ask me how I know this ….

DRESS: Fabulous Fashion TV – FREE!!
SKIN: Cupcakes – Cupcakes Seduction Copper Natural
HAIR: Analog Dog - AD - endra light - $350L
SHOES: SLINK – Fifi Pumps - $500L
LASHES: Silhouette Lashes – Dangerous – Gift

Friday, July 17, 2009

In-vested in Summer.

Love vests, with or without jackets and shirts, I love the tailored lines. Shorts and a vest are one of my favourite casual looks for summer and LeeZu has a hit with her Black Plaid Loui Jacket – just one of several great colour choices.

I paired them with cute shorts from DYN - tied with a silk ribbon bow. I liked the balance between the structure of the vest and the cute feminine softness of the shorts. Sort of an Annie Hall meet Gidget on the beach – that would be a “Gidgnie!!”

The ever versatile Kalnin shoes were colour changed to match and the look is complete.

CHECK IT OUT!!! Rumor has it that Cupcakes skin designer Rosemary Galbraith will have its new skinline available this weekend!!!!

JACKET: LeeZu - *LeeZu Baxter* Loui Jacket /charcoal- $95L
SHORTS: DYN - DYN Ribbon Shorts Black - $50L
JEWELERY: Malt - Vintage Set – Hunt Gift
SHOES: Kalnins - Kalnins Shoes – Coquette (color changeable) - $500L
HAIR: Truth - >TRUTH< Alicia – espresso - $225L
SKIN: Cupcakes – Cupcakes Seduction Copper Natural

Me, Myself, and I.

Check out my blog post at Digital Image:

Me, Myself, and I

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bollywood In Black

The term Bollywood is often incorrectly used to identify all of India Cinema. It’s correct reference is to the Hindi-language film industry based in Mumbai, India, and has been the source of a great deal of fashion influence over the past few years.

Scarlett Niven pays tribute to the style with her design Black Lace Bollywood. There is much more included in her set than what I have chosen to wear in these pictures, allowing you to really play with the presentation, something I really like about most of Scarlett’s outfits.

Using Black lace, Scarlett created an exotic choli ( the traditional top worn by women in India) with the perfect amount of modest cover, framed by elegant lace. Leggings and skirt are in the same material, and once again, the scalloped edging of the lace is kept as part of the design keeping the lines interesting. I like how the leggings show from underneath this simplified version of the skirt and that the ruffles that are included for the leggings, could be removed. This allows me to take the dress into a more informal setting.

A wide beaded bracelet worked with the outfit, keeping the midriff bare and allowing that line to continue unobstructed across the arms. I added Donna Flora’s "LADY" earrings as I liked the hint of gold and color that created their own sense of “lace;" as well that they added just a bit of lightness to the darkened face.

The hair was chosen for the soft black wisps that are shaded perfectly to play with the light, and I love the Atomic skin with the darkened eyes.

OUTFIT: The Niven Collection- taken from part of Black Lace Bollywood - available SL Exchange - $100L
SHOES: Dangle Shoes black – Taffy Alandale - GFAK Hunt Gift
BRACELET: - *DD Style**r bracelet multifilo darksilver - Gift
EARRINGS: Donna Flora - LADY - $350L (for set with necklace)
HAIR: Diorsis Hair – Punk Black - $180L SKIN: Atomic – FS_VIP_Light
LASHES: Glow – Bohemia – Lucky Chair

New Lucky Chair Prizes at Sentou Yousei!!!

Grace Selene from Sentou Yousei contacted me to say she had some new prizes for her lucky chairs. I had a ball trying all of these on with various outfits - they are as gorgeous as are all of her shoes and you don't want to miss out on these. Head over right now and sit your butt down!! Cash in that "phone a friend" card you have been holding on to ... they will thank you!

BOOTS: Sentou Yousei - Delia (blue) - Lucky Chair Prize
SKIN: Fishy Strawberry - Daphne- Cappuccino- Bronze
HAIR: Vintage Wear - (VW) Fashion Pop - Black Tones - $250L
DRESS: Luck Inc. - *Linc* Chemise Dress Skulls - $220L


Sometimes day to day living is just too much of an assault on the senses .... the warmth of brown and soft pinks cushion the soul when it's been a tough day and nothing speaks to me more of quiet femininity.

I have used the jacket before as I love the textures and the cut - this time I paired it with a great pair of pants from The French Farm in a raw silk. Bronzed Sandles from DD Style pull the shades of taupes and browns together perfectly.

I woke the outfit up a llittle with my favourite bangles from BLANG!! choosing to switch palets from warm to cool with silver instead of the expected gold. I like it!!

JACKET: Fashion Nomads - *FN* Moziac Jacket - $175L
PANTS: French Farm - Lestat Reuven- Pearl - $100L
SHOES: DD Style - **DD Style**Beads sandals brown - $400L
EARRINGS: Artistry – Le “Big Ole Hoop” - gift
SKIN: Laqroki - LAQ ~ Imani 03 [Nougat] Glow skin
HAIR: =orange*pecoe= - Iyorino Melody- _short01(coffee) – apparently no longer available
LASHES: Glow – Bohemia – Lucky Chair

Baby Blues

Blue and White Stripes always say summer in the most casual of ways and to me seem to evoke memories of the best holidays. (Although you might think stripes would bring back memories of my time in prison ..... ) This great outfit from Argrace comes with black undershirt and leggings option as well as different sleeve lengths. It's great when designers add the versatility into their designs so you can use the outfits in many different ways.

I paired it with my favourite shoulder sac bag from the new LeLutka collection and a dressier pair of white pump sandles. A fun pair of daisy earrings in white add the right contrast to the casual side catch of the dark hair from Pocket Mirrors.

OUTFIT: Argrace - *ARGRACE* Summer Wind *Blue* - $300L
HAIR: Pocket Mirrors - **Pocket Mirrors** Katia Updo Black - $200L
SKINS: Lara Skins – Daisy Blue
EARRINGS: Iced -Iced Daisy - Hunt
PURSE: LeLutka - [LeLutka]-SACK bag/white - $275L
SHOES: .Vanity Designs - :VDI:. LeBurlesque Sarah Sandals with Bows - White
EYELASHES: Belleza - Gift

Monday, July 13, 2009

Meet Me In Rhodes.

Greece is a fabulous place to visit and Rhodes is considered 4th in the top 10 islands to visit. It lies within eyesight of the Turkish coast, and its many cut-stone buildings make it one of the most beautiful medieval cities in the world. As with all the Greek Islands, the crystal blue water meets the pristine sky creating the perfect backdrop for the trademark white buildings sculpted and etched into the hillsides surrounding the sea.

For a casual day out I threw on one of the many combinations allowed with Sascha’s , “The Hampton’s Beige.” I love a crisp white blouse together with casual khaki jeans and a great belt. A soft taupe striped sweater in tied around the shoulders, and a great pair of sandles…. what more could a girl ask for??

OUTFIT: Sascha’s DESIGNS - SAS - The Hamptons Beige - $300L
SHOES: DD Style - **DD Style**Beads sandals brown - $400L
EARRINGS: Artistry – Le “Big Ole Hoop” - gift
SKIN: Laqroki - LAQ ~ Imani 03 [Nougat] Glow skin
HAIR: =orange*pecoe= - Iyorino Melody- _short01(coffee) – apparently no longer available
LASHES: Glow – Bohemia – Lucky Chair

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lovin' LeLutka.

One of the hottest trends this summer season is the one shoulder look, and the new LeLutka collection certainly puts an exclamation point behind that statement. Almost every blouse, dress, and pantsuit incorporates the design. Splashes of complimentary colors blended together in many of the pieces make them versatile and easy to match. It was difficult to make singular choices for many of the items as some of the shadings contain such subtle differences and are so beautifully done.

With The Oletha dress, rather than the simple non sleeve often seen, an exaggerated puff of luxurious excess gives this dress a touch of drama and the long sleeve adds to the look taking it into a whole other realm of sophistication. I complimented the dress with just a shade darker pumps, liking how the line of toe in this beautiful shoe repeated the soft line of the hem and the puffed sleeve. My earrings are bigger and chunky to balance the outfit and chosen because they repeat the two colors in the dress. Darker bangles add just a bit more drama.

Hair is also from LeLutka and chosen for the soft framing of the face, pulling the hair away and not competing with the neck line of the dress. Skin and makeup echoes the warm browns.

DRESS: LELUTKA - [LeLutka]-OLETHEA dress/lightsteelblue – $450L
SHOES: Sentou Yousei - Ceasar's Bizantine Pumps Sentou Yousei Blue – Lucky Chair Prize
EARRINGS: LaGyo – Imaginations Earrings – Hunt Gift
BRACELET: Shimmer -*P* WBraz - 7R ~ BLUE – Hunt Gift
SKIN: League - *League* Skin Medium -Kate-Chocolate
HAIR: LELUTKA - [LeLutka]-TALLULAH hair blondes - $299L

Check Out

Pebbled Memories

On Digital Image by Moi.

Friday, July 10, 2009


This beautiful dress, with the unlikely name of Stregabuffyna, is a mass of of rich red satin dotted with double silver lines of tiny leaves through-out the gown, catching the eye as the dress moves. The extra long train is unexpected in a full dress like this and can be switched for an equally beautiful and less imposing tumble of toile.

The bodice gives way to flowered vines of white providing a nice contrast and allowing the matching long gloves to frame the torso. The waist is caught with a satin rose and the mantella of feathers can be switched from either black to white.

This gown is available for $50L. It is a complete and utter steal.

DRESS: ElaCor - stregabuuyna - $50L
SKIN: League - *League* Skin Medium -Kate
HAIR: Analog Dog - AD - gamma dark (black) - $350L

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Riviera Couture.

Riviera Couture has a great prize in the Dominion Golden Apple Hunt being held at the Dominion Fashion District.. It includes the 4 outfits you see here. Very nice. There are 30 apples all fairly easy to find.

Now with these outfits you could just add some epaulets and a red cape and be ready for the running of the bulls …. When is SL going to do that anyways? OR you could go to your really old Aunties house and stand next to her flocked wall paper and just disappear into it … that could be helpful … especially if she is one of those cheek pinching kind of Aunties ….
I don’t care what anyone says … I really liked these sets and thought it was nice of them to put all four into one apple. Sometimes when you open these hunt prizes you just go “ohhhh” with a sort of sad disappointed tone and every once in awhile you go “ohhhh” with a really excited surprised tone. I went “ohhh” number 2 with this one.

Go find the golden apples but don’t try to eat them … I did and chipped a tooth … where are the dentists in SL???