Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bollywood In Black

The term Bollywood is often incorrectly used to identify all of India Cinema. It’s correct reference is to the Hindi-language film industry based in Mumbai, India, and has been the source of a great deal of fashion influence over the past few years.

Scarlett Niven pays tribute to the style with her design Black Lace Bollywood. There is much more included in her set than what I have chosen to wear in these pictures, allowing you to really play with the presentation, something I really like about most of Scarlett’s outfits.

Using Black lace, Scarlett created an exotic choli ( the traditional top worn by women in India) with the perfect amount of modest cover, framed by elegant lace. Leggings and skirt are in the same material, and once again, the scalloped edging of the lace is kept as part of the design keeping the lines interesting. I like how the leggings show from underneath this simplified version of the skirt and that the ruffles that are included for the leggings, could be removed. This allows me to take the dress into a more informal setting.

A wide beaded bracelet worked with the outfit, keeping the midriff bare and allowing that line to continue unobstructed across the arms. I added Donna Flora’s "LADY" earrings as I liked the hint of gold and color that created their own sense of “lace;" as well that they added just a bit of lightness to the darkened face.

The hair was chosen for the soft black wisps that are shaded perfectly to play with the light, and I love the Atomic skin with the darkened eyes.

OUTFIT: The Niven Collection- taken from part of Black Lace Bollywood - available SL Exchange - $100L
SHOES: Dangle Shoes black – Taffy Alandale - GFAK Hunt Gift
BRACELET: - *DD Style**r bracelet multifilo darksilver - Gift
EARRINGS: Donna Flora - LADY - $350L (for set with necklace)
HAIR: Diorsis Hair – Punk Black - $180L SKIN: Atomic – FS_VIP_Light
LASHES: Glow – Bohemia – Lucky Chair
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