Tuesday, July 7, 2009


My kind of chocolate ... hate the eating kind ..... but this makes me almost wanna try it one more time ...... Probably one of the few kids that cried when someone handed me a chocolate ice cream cone ....

This yummy dress comes complete with shoes and all the jewellery and contains a gold foil bra and panties ... probably will come in really handy for the days you are out hiking in this dress and need to stop and live off the land .... can never have too much foil in those cases .... like you know ... when you have to park way away from the front door of the shopping mall ....

DRESS: Sierra Jakob Gowns - Chocolate Gold Dress Ensemble from Sierra Jakob Gowns - $10L gift
HAIR – LEEZU - La Vie En Fluer Hair - brunnette - free gift on table
SKIN - Le Pinceau - Le Pinceau - Penelope Light Tan
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