Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Lemania captured my heart with this fascinating flocked toile and varied edges creating a study in shadings of dark. Love the pearl choker that continues down below the neck accenting the cut of the boustierre. Dark Hose and shoes come with the dress and make for a perfect outfit for a seductive evening out. Love that so many of Lemania's designs are just click and wear ... everything you need thought of and there already.

This dress is the first of her exclusive pick gifts to be sent out to her group members. Just join the group, keep Lemania in your picks and twice a month VOILA – a beautiful dress and this one gives you a great excuse to be crazy … or er .. more crazy than most times …. And flap … you can flap all over the place … crazy flapping .. what more can you ask for?? AND look and feel like a million bucks while you do it.

I paired this look with the perfect hair style from VintageWear - London Import.

DRESS JEWELERY AND SHOES: Lemania - Lemania - [LI] Crazed Flapper Box -New Group Gift
HAIR: Vintage Wear - (VW) London Import - Black Tones $250L
SKIN: Le Pinceau - Penelope Light Tan #03
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