Monday, July 27, 2009

Eco~Chic is For All the Little Birds And Bees!!!

So my friend Whinter Paine was waiting for me when I logged on ... she was jumping up and down and screaming ... I could tell because my 'puter was bouncing all over the place on my desk. She told me she had to show me this amazing bed in this cool new store she found, so I quickly jumped on the opportunity to don some fantastic jammies from Lemania's (no-one ever invites me to their 'jammie parties anymore so a girl has to take advantage of what opportunities she has) Before I knew it, Whinter had my little avi hand in hers and we were flying through cyberspace to Eco-Chic.

Maeve Yoshikawa had the great idea to incorporate ecologically correct designs into SL - knowing that even the idea, kept in the forefront of our minds, helps a great cause. I have to say I really liked her set up - everything is outdoors with animals everywhere ... even a Moose and some beavers which are just so Canadian ... sat and reminisced about maple syrup and ketchup for awhile ... being as I am a trained professional moose whisperer and all .... *wiping a tear from my patriotic eye ... sounds of Michael Buble singing "I wanna go home..." KIDDING Mom ... DO NOT send me a ticket ..."

This furniture is really unique and provides something different and politically correct for your SL home. I can't wait to see how this idea develops and what other pieces she comes up with. Like many new designers she is sort of that threshold where she has the ideas but has spent a small fortune getting started and now needs the traffic to get things going. Evidentally the beds contain several poses as well and they really are very clever and well done. There are also other pieces of furniture available and more to come!! Whinter was drooling over the dresser and I know she has already checked my couch for extra nickles.

Ride your bike over to her store and check it out ... just don't try to pet the bears ... bears are NOT your friends .....

FURNITURE: Eco~Chic – bed - $2000L
PAJAMAS: Lemania - [LI] Peaceful Sleep Box – Prozac Hunt
HAIR: Demier Cri - (Dernier Cri) Audrey - Black and Grey Shades - $245L
SKIN: Nic Delvalle - So Envious - contact her personally
LASHES: GLOW – Innocent Lashes - $100L

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