Saturday, July 4, 2009


Got this note today:

“Elle's Fashion House is finally back up and running, still doing renovations but have 2 new outfits out for sale, a cute gold or silver swimsuit and a little black dress with lots of jewel work. The new shop is set out into three main parts, a casual area, formal and new releases and then lingerie,swimwear and costumes, also up for grab is the new MM board with the lady bug fairy so be sure to hit that as well.”

Just had to go and check it out. The Midnight Mania board is definitely cute and something ol’ Goth Fairy and the “Please-take-me-serious-I-am-not-a-fairy Shay” should consider wearing as it will do wonders to boost their mean girl attitudes … heheheehe.

Elle can be found at ( ).Shown in the photo from left to right are:

*Elle*-Cheeky-red - $50L
*Elle*-Denim delight - $60L
*Elle*-Playsuit - FREE
*Elle*-Innocence - $1L

HAIR: Maitreya - - Maitreya Bo - Browns Pack - $200L

SKIN: Cupcake - - *CUPCAKES - Seduction - Copper FATPACK #4 Navy - (which is still having amazing sales and you should run right down there NOW!!!)

RED SHOES: Dartenne Slade - freebie from hunt - D'S - Asturias scarlet

BLUE SHOES WITH BOW: Lemania - - BABY BLUE SHOES $1L from hunt - dress package

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