Friday, July 24, 2009

Gran Loaned Me Her Specs AND Her Teeth!!! Whoot!!!

Yes I am making a “spectacle” of myself with these funky new new new :::MM::: grandmere funky spec2,wt flower from Mix And Match. I don’t think this woman ever sleeps!! There are 3 different choices of glasses and each comes with its own little flower because after we put down the marijuana we had to put something in our mouth (hand over mouth in shocked surprise … did I say that out loud ??? Grandma .. cover your eyes please … literary license .. I promise you that’s all … I never inhaled ….) $50L folks .. that’s it and one of these spanky new eye covers could be yours!!!

EVERYTHING I am wearing here (except for the eyes) is from Mix and Match. Stay tune for some exciting new developments in the ole Mix and Matchville coming soon to a computer near you!!! I will cover it in all its gory detailness – only because I am really good with paper and crayolas. RUN over there now and ask about the new hair … funky funky funky … you will lurve it.

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