Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy!!! Happy!!! Happy!!!

Happy was the only word to describe this little vegamite as I headed over to Tuli’s to pick up my member gift. Took a couple of moments to wander around the store (and the sim - it is really very pretty) - 'cause I had not been in awhile and I found this outfit - Ana Revamped.

I just had to have it – it is too cute for words and has a ton of options including hair colours. Look at the detail on the jacket – you can see the herringbone pattern in the material and I love the buttoned cross over showing even the slight gathering from the pull of the jacket – obviously because I have such huge bazoozums!!! I added a pair of her new Ribbon Knit Socks in black and I was ready to sing for my supper in a very chic "Oliver-meets-Ingird-the-beautiful-fashionista" sort of way. Of course the words to the song would have to be updated to reflect our improved diet and greater culinary sophistication:

Food Gloroius Food
Big Macs and french fries
While we're in the mood
Ice cream on our peach pie.....

I picked up this skin recently from The Abyss and I lurve it tons and tons and tons ... good thing I am in such a good mood, if they just let me loose in the real world .. I could turn this economy around in a heartbeat .... (please call Dr. Anderson at the Forest Lawn home for the criminaly insane and make sure you say Bliss Windlow .... not Bess ... cause she won't buy clothes trust me ... she likes being naked wayyy too much).

OUTFIT– TULI – Ana Revamped (includes hat and hair and neck tie) - $300L
SOCKS – TULI – Ribbon Socks Black - $60L
SHOES – Fashion Nomads - *FN* Kampala Stiletto – black - unknown
SKIN – The Abyss - Opium XP_Aesthetics[4]C
BRACELET – LEMANIA - Ode to Escher bangle - $1L (part of entire outfit of same name)
EYELASHES - GLOW - [ glow ] Innocent lashes – Gentle- $100L AND [ glow ] studio designs - Glam. curved 2-$100L
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