Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hurry ...I can't (puff).... hold 'em (puff puff)...back .. much (puff puff puff) ...longer!!!!

Grab your butts and RUN over to Fabulous Fashion TV and get this dress!! Then rent a date and head out on the town …. If you haven’t any money then create a male avatar and learn the fine art of logging off and on and switching between you and him while making out … (hey the evening will pass realllllllly quickly … I promise….). Although I must caution you about making a male avatar when you haven’t any money … what happens is he pretty much stays a newbie and then you start to look at the sorry little dweeb and you have to admit that he is a lot better looking than the last guy you dated in RL and your sorry sorry life becomes a lot sorrier …. and then you start to drink … and make phonecalls to random numbers asking people what they are wearing …. don’t ask me how I know this ….

DRESS: Fabulous Fashion TV – FREE!!
SKIN: Cupcakes – Cupcakes Seduction Copper Natural
HAIR: Analog Dog - AD - endra light - $350L
SHOES: SLINK – Fifi Pumps - $500L
LASHES: Silhouette Lashes – Dangerous – Gift
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