Thursday, July 30, 2009


by: Biss Windlow

spilled boxes of paint stained with age
words and pictures tossed on a page
ribbons and lace
quiet and grace
dreams of all life’s possibilities
wings that long to fly
where e’re the winds might take me

shelter and comfort strong arms that enfold me
hands worn by hard work, Strength of body and soul
garden and sports
smart ass retorts
reason and calm, eyes that see all
feet planted strong in the earth
commanding the winds to give me flight

I seldom wear blue jeans in real life – I love the feel of materials and colours way too much. But a pair of blue jeans on a Saturday morning with my favourite guy as we head off to the markets … I can live with. The incongruencies of everything in this look moved me deeply, the soft feminine of the shirt, with the serviceable stand-by of blue jeans – the white with the blue – the exaggerated make-up with a harder look with the casual hair bobby-pinned in place. Love this look.

SHIRT: BareRose - ::: B@R ::: Duet SET - $140L just part of set
JEANS: Holli Pocket- *HP* Cerulean Secret Lacey Jeans - $120L
SHOES: Lemania Indigo - Lestat Reuven- Happy Wedge - $100L part of outfit
JEWELLRY: Fresh Baked Goods – Gem Thumbprint Earrings and Necklace - $100L each many options
BELT: House of Hucci - ::HH:: Hucci Diva Belt DSN – Free GiftHAIR: Waffles! - @Waffles - Miucha (darks) - $200L
SKIN: Red Queen - [rQ]Skin~Sun@TYPE.o7-L.o2
LASHES: GLOW - Innocent lashes - Gentle - $100L

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