Monday, July 20, 2009

Le Zoo Cupcakes NEW SKINS!!

I am certainly “Enchanted” with the new skins out just this moment from Cupcakes. I could not wait to try them, having been in love with the Seduction series from the moment I tried them on. I had a brief opportunity to speak with designer Rosemary Galbraith who gave me a little peek before the product was completely finished. I have to admit being in deep admiration of all designers and the work that goes into their finished product. I know so many of them really care about putting something out there that has value for their customers and most are generous to a fault. Imagine if we were all left to our own devices and had to wear only what we could create ourselves??? Let’s face it … we have no idea the amount of time and effort that goes into these things and for very little monetary reward. I am frankly surprised that more people on here aren’t incredibly selfish but these women give over and over again. We need to remember that and be thankful they share their gifts in so many beautiful and wonderful ways!! (stepping down off the soap box and putting it away for another day …. )

Enchanted is softer than some of the other skins and I chose to demo Fairy from the Apricot Series. I could not choose between Apricot and Sienna so I got both. As before with the Seduction series, the shadings in the face are particularly good and I really like the lipsticks and the gloss – I think she got those just about perfect.

When I spoke with Rosemary she explained to me some of the criticisms of her skins. There was no bitter complaining, only an acknowledgment of having considered that feedback in the new design. She wanted to please her customers and so they ventured into uncharted waters. I admire that creative spirit immensely. I don’t claim to be an expert on the technical side of things, I am just a lowly consumer like everyone else – I don’t see flaws that perhaps experts do – but isn’t that the point? I know when I see someone out there that really stops me – I am not looking for flaws – I am just appreciating. I really appreciate these skins.
Le Zoo Cupcakes - *CUPCAKES - Enchanted - Apricot - Fairy - $1000L each or $5000L fatpack.
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