Friday, July 24, 2009

Lime and Da Coconut (guess which one is me??)

Love the fresh fun feeling of this Lime and da Coconut outfit that is out for one week from Lestat Reuven at the French Farm for just $1L!!! Gee she is a talented lady with some great ideas and I always look forward to what she is going to do next. I understand she is taking a well deserved break from her whirlwind frenetic designer pace and she will absolutely be missed!! I am only wearing part of the outfit which includes a long skirt addition and shoes. FUN FUN FUN and it certainly saves me from my usual rendition of a coconut which involves this sort of cupped hairy head piece and last year when I wore it I ended up in National Inquirer as proof that Sasquatch exists – hey even BAD publicity is good publicity folks .. you read it here first …

I cannot tell you how much I adore this chunky gold necklace and earring set from the Boho queen Manis Lane over at Mix and Match!! I can actually feel the weight of it and the roundness of the links in my hand when I click them onto my avi …. I tell you one thing … if you are ever having a tough time of it, sign up with Manis’s group. Not only do you get great gifts constantly, she always puts thought into her notes and starts them out with something none of us hear enough … “you are loved.” May sound corny, but with her, you know she means it … she really cares about her customers.

So a great pair of shoes that can be adapted to the outfit … these have so been worth every penny I paid for them and I have to mention this cute hair new from Truth – love the shorter styles and this one in particular. Thanks to Nick for letting me know there was a sale going on … only it really was more like a whimpered cry for help because she couldn’t move and she is very quick in some things and thought … hmm there must be something going on here … hey we don’t call her “bloodhound Nickster” for nothing … well someone called her that … I think… maybe it was just some chick they called that .. you know Chick/Nick .. you can understand my confusion ….

OUTFIT : French Farm - Lestat Reuven-Lime and da Coconut – $1L ( only part of outfit)
SHOES: Kalnins Shoes – Coquette - $500L
NECKLACE AND EARRINGS: Mix And Match - :::MM::: Boho Stylist Earing and Necklace - $80L
SKIN: Lara Skins -Giulia smokey
HAIR: Truth Hair - Grazia >dark browns - $225L

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