Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Phoenix is Rising ... Move your Asses!!

Phoenix Rising is having a sale. Everything is $99L. Whinter says she went earlier and the lag was unbearable but I for some reason ... just this one time ... the SL Gods smiled on my sorry ass and I came and went without incident and scored big time!!

I was changing from outfit to outfit trying them on and two sort of overlapped one another in the taking off and putting on department and I liked what I saw so I left it.

Unfortunately this does not necessarily apply in real life so do not try it without the supervision of a trained professional ... I did once and ended up going to work with my back door jammies with the feeties in them (back door not so trapped unfortunately) and a really smart jacket with vest and gorgeous brooch on top. I did not get the promotion .....

OUTFITS: Phoenix Rising – Combo of two outfits – Intentions and Inner Wrappings – Gold – each $99L
SHOES: - Illy Creations – black shoes with bow - hunt gift
JEWELLERY: Hucci Apparel - HH:: Black Tourmaline Dion Set - $350L (set)
LASHES: GLOW – Innocent Lashes – Gentle - $100L
SKIN: Fishy Strawberry - Daphne, Cappuccino- Smokey-Black
HAIR: Boon - *booN UZU22 hair J&Black pack - $200L

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