Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ranena Olivier Couture

Ranena Olivier Couture happens to be one of my frequent haunts. This collage of examples from her work are just a tease for the wonderful delights that await your visit to her store. I love the colour of Carmella – it seems incredibly soft with the sheer material blending crossing lines of green, yellow and blue until it almost glows an unknown myseteriously beautiful glow of green that at times seems to breathe life. A stamped markedly raised gold stamping of interlacing gridlock imperfect rounded rectangles catches the lights and makes the poof of the sleeves possible and believable.

The black and red outfit is to die for. I love the bodice that starts with lace and gives way to wrapped satin that slides down over the hips and explodes into a satin sea of red. I love how she framed the black bodice with long red gloves that are topped with matching black lace.

The blue jean outfit was so unexpected – you can almost reach through the screen and touch the denim – it looks that real. I still felt, even though we’re talking denim, like I wanted to dress up to wear this outfit.

You just have to go and check the store out. It is worth saving those pennies to be able to afford one of her beautifully crafted creations. Thank-you Ranena for allowing me the privilege of blogging your store and these exquisite outfits.

Carmella - Green Outfit.

DRESS: Ranena Olivier Couture - *[ROC]* Carmella - $400L
JEWELLERY: LUC - (luc) Rebirth Necklace & Earrings Set, Turquoise/MTrio - $299L
SHOES: Magic Studios - Gold Shoes metallic – similar shoes $1500L with full permissions
HAIR: Pocket Mirrors- Brenda Updo Platinum – $200L
SKIN: Glance – Marcia - Green
BUTTERFLY – GLOW - [ glow ] studio – eye decoration - butterfly magic - $150L

Estella - Red Outfit.
DRESS: Ranena Olivier Couture - *[ROC]* Estella - $500L
EARRINGS: Meghindo’s - {Meghindo's} Blood diamonds- Hunt Gift
SHOES - Sylfie's Prim Seduction *SM* Basic Black Stiletto Pumps – Hunt Gift
HAIR – LEEZU - La Vie En Fluer Hair - black - free gift on table
SKIN: Cupcakes – Enchanted- Apricot - Ruby
LASHES: GLOW – Innocent Lashes – Gentle - $100L

Jewled Jeans.

OUTFIT: Ranena Olivier Couture - *[ROC]* Jeweled Jeans - $350L
EARRINGS: Chuculet - [chuchulet] sofia - jewelry - gold/croc - $1L (set)
BELT: Mix&Match - :::MM::: Boho Stylist Chain Belt, by Mix and Match - $50L
SHOES: Wetherby’s - Wetherby's Platforms-Denim Diva "Bag" - $100L
HAIR – LEEZU - La Vie En Fluer Hair - black - free gift on table
SKIN: Corrupted Innocence – CI-Envy Skin – Fair Dark
LASHES: GLOW – Innocent Lashes – Gentle - $100L

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