Thursday, July 9, 2009

Riviera Couture.

Riviera Couture has a great prize in the Dominion Golden Apple Hunt being held at the Dominion Fashion District.. It includes the 4 outfits you see here. Very nice. There are 30 apples all fairly easy to find.

Now with these outfits you could just add some epaulets and a red cape and be ready for the running of the bulls …. When is SL going to do that anyways? OR you could go to your really old Aunties house and stand next to her flocked wall paper and just disappear into it … that could be helpful … especially if she is one of those cheek pinching kind of Aunties ….
I don’t care what anyone says … I really liked these sets and thought it was nice of them to put all four into one apple. Sometimes when you open these hunt prizes you just go “ohhhh” with a sort of sad disappointed tone and every once in awhile you go “ohhhh” with a really excited surprised tone. I went “ohhh” number 2 with this one.

Go find the golden apples but don’t try to eat them … I did and chipped a tooth … where are the dentists in SL???
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