Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Roaring Through the 20's Sans the Flat Chest and With 80's Hair.

by: Bliss Windlow(the fairy blog mother) from and and and

Reminiscent of the 20’s and the 30’s this “flapperlike” dress reminds me of a school play I was once almost in. They wanted me to have the lead cause they said they liked my voice best BUT the other girl – the one with the opera voice who sounded more like she should be in some remake of the munchkins on helium – was the girlfriend of the guy they had picked for the lead. Evidently the tonsil hockey which this incredibly professional rendition was going to engage in … was best left to the experts and it was clearI was not experienced in the department. (never understood what that meant except maybe the crinkle wrap and bow my grandparents sent me out to face the world in .. was a bit much). Later they confided in me they had turned me down for my own safety – evidently the other girls mom did not take rejection well and that movie about the mom who killed another girl or something so her daughter would make the cheerleading squad had just come out and copies had mysteriously showed up at the directors house … (Personally I think I could have taken the mother …. I was pretty strong back then and it might have been fun .. for a small town … you know??? … alright alright it was a grain elevator and an outhouse … I was using my literary license when I called it a "town.")

I love both the colour and the style of this dress and the sexy black straps underneath that show through. Makes me think that I could afford the dress and the underwear just had to be “functionable” (isn’t that every married man’s worst nightmare? “functionable underwear”).

Cloe’s new eyelashes with butterflies added a point of interest to the soft palette of makeup I chose. A much darker set of jewellery also adds some depth to this soft, sensual look.

DRESS: Digit Darkes-Rain-Buff (B) - $400L
JEWELLERY: Donna Flora - LADY black set - $350LNYLONS: *sugar* - clover stockings - unknown
SHOES: [Pacadi Jasha Ltd] - Gabrielle Sandals [fuchsia] - $215L
SKINS: Cupcakes- *CUPCAKES - Enchanted – Apricot - Midori
HAIR: Diorsis Hair - Francheska blond - $220
LASHES: Cloe - *Cloe Eyelashes* Free Spirit! Pink - $110L
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