Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Three Graces

This is post about a store and a great lady. I just became acquainted with Three Graces over this past while because my friend Daria Nubalo told me about a store I should look at. Monicaoolala Hastings is one of those owners who makes a lot of effort to reach out and connect with her customers. I went back and forth to the store several times over a period of days, partly because she had some great deals on but also because Daria seemed to be living there for a few days. There is just that kind of feeling like you want to hang around and talk because it seems there is always so much going on and a party is just waiting to happen.

I went the one day to score a great Canada Day outfit, which I did (no ... I did not dress as a Beaver or a Moose although I did look elsewhere for a combination outfit of the two .. wanted to be a Boose and have the antlers AND the flat tail ....but sadly no ... maybe next year ....). Not only did Monicaoolala create a cool Canadian ensemble for both men and women, she had an American version available for their celebration just days after. It was a nice reminder of the good feelings between Canada and America ... once you sort of shove the political agendas out of the way and just get to the real people who live in both countries. In fact, the two flags fly together side by side through-out the area.

There are tons of things to find in the store from rocker style, role play, regular clothing, goth, victorian, houses, furniture .... a smattering of everything. The full name is The Three Graces Castle Club and Beach and it features a Castle Club complete with a ballroom, the Shopping Mall, and a Woodstock like stage. There is a wonderful monument to The Three Graces which explains the name and aptly describes the feeling of the place. Kudos to Monicaoolala ... who I think also sings and if you are lucky ... you might just catch her with the mic in hand ....

DRESS: Three Graces - sheer elegance gold leme' toga dress (boxed) - 400L
SKIN: Le Pinceau - Le Pinceau - Penelope Light Tan
HAIR: Maitreya - Maitreya Moon - Browns Pack - $200L
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