Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Totally Betty!!

This outfit is so total … it is definitely a “totally.” Even Veronica would be eating her heart out with jealousy and I am sure Archie would be all over this.

I have to say that Akaya Gossipgirl is one of the nicest people I have met under stressful circumstances. There she was, caught in the crosshairs of the angry milling mob around the Lost Slipper Hunt, demanding answers, unvalidated, uninvited to the big ball after the hunt. They needed their tags changed, and even my offer to use my big marking pen to label us all “the uninvited” which ... if you followed the Cinderella story would mean only one of a couple of things:

1 – we were not considered eligible ... OR
2 – we were darn unattractive

... and seeing that they lowered the standards enough to allow for the 2 ugly step sisters to attend the ball – being excluded was not a good thing ….

But Ms. Gossipgirl was as polite and friendly as could be, and quickly changed my tag … the fact I had a weapon in my hand I don’t think influenced her at all … I think she is naturally nice .. or on heavy duty valium … you pick …

I felt so guilty about the threatening mob, I went shopping in her store. She wasn’t there – probably behind the counter hiding when she saw me come in but I did find lots of fantastic clothes – she will obviously be very well dressed at the ball!! Talented lady.

OUTFIT: Total Betty - ::TB::Ricky [White] - $210L (includes bangle, leggings AND shoes)
EARRINGS: LUC - Chakra Necklace & Earring - $189L
HAIR: IREN – Flowered Blacks - gift
SKIN: Lara Skins – Adella – free gift
LASHES: GLOW - [ glow ] Innocent lashes - Gentle $100L

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