Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Whisper of Baby's Breath.

I recently had the opportunity to be photographed by Scarlett Niven for her Digital Image Monthly Mini-Magazine-Bridal Beauty! Her instructions were simple – find a dress I loved and come be photographed. What a wonderful opportunity to be included in such a lovely project by a woman I admire so much.

I do love this dress. I purchased it some time ago – knowing it was ridiculous to purchase a wedding dress I would never use but hey this is a fantasy world and I was enjoying the sheer frivolous-ness of wasting money on something just because it was beautiful and I could! I mean come on ... you go around purchasing a bunch of wedding dresses in RL and fill up your closet and they have a word for it .... DESPERATE!!!!

So ... I decided I would try my inexperienced hand at some random shots of me in the gown. Me Me .... it's all about ME!!!! (hehehe)

!Modern Gyspy! Winter Garden Collection: Babybreath. I like the simplicity of baby’s breath. I used to love gathering huge bouquets of nothing else BUT baby's breath and place arrangements all around the house. I love the idea of a baby's breath - there is nothing more sweet and pure .....

This dress is so exquisitely white that it almost appears iridescent and I love the higher neck, bare arms and body hugging shape of the bodice, exploding in a sea of material and gathers that make you feel like you are floating. Even the tight fitting bodice is made from layers of sheer draped material .... absolutely breathtaking!! That they echoed the explosion of material in the veil making it much airier and lighter is exquisite.

Hair and skin are perfect for the dress - I needed a skin that could stand up against all the white without appearing garish and Lara Skins was perfect. Sofia by Pocket Mirrors is simple and elegant and can handle the elaborate head piece.

Shoes lovely details on the Goddess Line Pumps by Vanity Designs and jewellery again, was meant only to compliment. What better choice than pearls? Love love love this dress ... think I will wear it shopping ... just because I can in SL.... (and it scares the hell out of the men ... hehe .. love my men scared ....!!!)

SKINS: Lara Skins – Alice Brown
HAIR: Pocket Mirrors – Sofia Updo Brown - $200L
EARRINGS: Sister Strawberry - Sinyhy – Free Gift
BRACELET: ICING – Princess Pearl Bracelet – Hunt Gift
DRESS: Modern Gypsy - !Modern Gyspy! Winter Garden Collection: Babybreath - $300L
EYELASHES: Glow – Rhapsody Lashes – GLOW special - $150L
SHOES: Vanity Designs - .:VDI:. Goddess Line Pumps w/Studs – Ivory - $75L
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