Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wrapped In Red.

Wetherby's this dress today is free and the matching shoes and handbag are right underneath it for $20L a piece. I felt it was an appropriate choice to celebrate Canada Day - Red the color of the dress and White the color of my skin.

People always ask why Canadians don't tan .. well white is our tan. The rest of the time we are blue ... as in frozen ... It's true I do stand out on the Australian beaches where I have actually adopted the color red from time to time ... Now the Australians knew I was burnt wayyyyy before I clued in ... they were standing around unpacking marshmallows and getting out the chocolate .... just taking it all in stride, making the most of the special opportunity ... ("Yoo Mate, Canadian going down ... by the rocks ... grab the marshy's ... I got the sticks ...) It didn't register with me because that is what happens when you burn the nerves .... a sort of pleasant numbness that allows you to stay there and get really burnt .... I was only out .00008876 of a second. That's fine Canadian, untouched by sun, skin .....

Wethereby's has a different free dress everyday and great MM boards. Check it out.
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