Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bagged Me a Dress!!!

Fresh off the hunt, nursing my wounds and already training for the next big endurance run. So far one fatality out there in the hunt worlds – inappropriate shouting resulted in a ban – poor guy – labelled for life as the inappropriate shouter . We hunters are tolerant of a lot of things but inappropriate shouting … out out out ….

Many thanks to the guy whose novel approach to try and get my attention when I told him I was busy out hunting – was to don a pair of deer antlers, get naked and keep running past me. Believe me there are times in a girl’s life where she really wishes she actually owned a rifle ….

Anywho just opening things up from the Satisfashion hunt and Love this dress from DivaLicious. It has more attachments to make it fussier and fluffier but in light of all the chicken controversy ( see http://bliss-tering-sl-commentary.blogspot.com/2009/08/queen-of-all-hunts.html ) I decided to go clean and make sure everyone knew there were no more hidden chickens in my skirts.

Skin from Rockberry also completely free from the summer hot dog hunt – BTW (from a girl who never eats hotdogs) best use of a hotdog ever (hidden skins from Rockberry) Where is the award???

DRESS: *DivaLicious* Satisfashion Hunt - Free
SHOES: The French Farm – Sunrise - $1L- Part of outfit
HAIR: Truth – Willow 2 – Mirage - $225L
SKIN: Rockberry – Uma Tan - [ROCKBERRY] Dog Days Of Summer Hunt Gift
LASHES: GLOW – Innocent Lashes - $100L
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