Monday, August 10, 2009

Beached Whales (sans the whales).

Why is it that only unattractive people promote nudity? Here around the beaches in Australia it is always the woman who burned her bra in the 70’s and has never seen one since that is leaning back on her arms, face turned to the sun, her breasts in pools somewhere in the sand, that decides to be naked. Or the balding short fat guy holding himself as he stands in the shadow of the rocks while the bikini clad babes run by …. How come the beautiful people aren’t naked???

A famous psychiatrist said nudity was good – that is why when he remarried he had the terribly attractive teenage daughters swim nude while he filmed it … oh never mind I remember now .. that was my Uncle and he was famous for all the wrong reasons … but someone said it somewhere I am sure … and they were …. um … famous …. But NOT here in SL. Here, where we all have perfect beautiful bods, sagless boobs unless you desire sagdom, and our teeth never ever have to be capped, it is only permissible to be nude for the first hour while you are rezzing and the Linden Lab guys are getting pics. After that you must swim clothed – hence the bathing suit.

Until very recently I was only doing Canadian Swimming with my avi – you know where you just wade into the water about chest deep and stand there but ....upgrades are good and recently my avi acquired some swim moves!! So, now I can pretend to be Australian, although I think being able to breath under water is a bit far fetched. I lived underwater for my first few months in SL. I could change down there without hassle …. (handing you all tissues to wipe your tears … I know … I know … none of you knew how hard it was for me ….) They are probably going to do an SL TV show about the whole experience – this sub culture that lives under the water with a big guy who looks like a lion named Vincent and comes up for air every once inawhile to save the beautiful SL blog writer and the world … wait gotta write that one down …

Okay so spent the day going to the beach, beaching myself, then going home from the beach and this is what I wore …. I was naked for a few minutes while I changed but I PROMISE … I never touched myself … not even once ….

BATHING SUIT: Clover - *Clover* Wild Peacock Bikini with Wrap – Poppy Hunt
VEST: Jezzebel Rock - *Valentina* Blue- $110L
PANTS: Awesome Designs - White Jeans - $95L
EARRINGS: Tavo Vella Formals - TV Silver Disc – huge set of jewellery for $100L
BRACELETS: Ticky Tacky - *Ticky Tacky* Simple Silver Bangle Set - Silver & Gold - $1L
PURSE: LeLutka - [LeLutka]-SACK bag/white - $275L
BELT: Mix And Match - :::MM::: Disk Belt Silver, by Mix and Match - $50L
SHOES: Vanity Designs Inc - .:VDI:. LeBurlesque Sarah Sandals with Bows - White $75L
SKIN: Staged- *Staged* Cerra Frozen (Tanned)
HAIR: Maitreya - Maitreya Zoe - Nuts Pack - $295L
LASHES: Silhouette Lashes – Dangerous – Gift
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