Friday, August 21, 2009

Help! Magazine A Cover Competition with a Difference!!

Kaitlin Peccable has an exciting new project underway with Help! Magazine and a Cover Model Competion that digs beneath surface beauty for that inner beauty we like to talk about and seldom honour. She is attempting to change that with this compeition. Check it out.

Help! Magazine

Help! Magazine Monthly Model Cover Contest
"Beauty from the Inside, Out"

Sponsored in part by

*Aleida* - Quality Fashion For You 􀀋
Kanya-Destiny Photography Photography Studio 􀀌

About us:

We are Help! Magazine, a new Monthly Magazine designed to help enhance Second Life for all citizens; from the newest Resident to the oldest Veteran. Each month we will hightlight events and interview professionals in many different areas of Second Life. Including but not limited to Careers, Activities, and different Life-styles and Culteres in Second Life.

Here at Help! Magazine we believe that Second Life is not just a game, but an International Social Networking Community. And as such, we believe Second Life can and should help people in their 1st lives. Therefore we are committed to assisting the many Charitable Organizations who have an SL presence with a RL Focus. This month we have the privilege of working with Karuna Sim. This entire Sim is dedicated to HIV/AIDS education, research, and to the collection of stories by those dealing with HIV/AIDS.

For information about us, please feel free to visit our blog:
For more information about Karuna, please contact Jenaia Morane.


We are committed to celebrating not only outer beauty, but inner beauty as well. The winner of our contest must have a willing and open spirit to helping those in need. He/She must be willing to help a worthy Charity meet their Mission Statement. The winner will be selected by a panel of judges, there is no fee to enter the contest.


☑ Feature on the Cover of Help! Magazine
☑ Feature in a 4 Page Spread in Help! Magazine featuring Exclusive Designs by Aleida
☑ Receive a Modeling Portfolio (Up to 6 pictures) provided by Jarck's & Champerz Photography Studio
☑ Receive 3,000L Cash Prize
☑ Plus more Exclusive prizes To Be Announced!


✪ Contestants must be a member of Help! Magazine Group
✪ Deadline Submission is August 31, 2009
✪ Must Submit 3 Photos: 1-Headshot, 1-Full Body (or 3/4), and one Picture of yourselves taken on the Karuna Sim (Wearing an outfit from *Aleida*. Can also be Shoes, Shirt, or Dress) 􀀉􀀇
✪ Rename this notecard to: The Help! Magazine Model Contest - (your name) ie. The Help! Magazine Model Contest - Kaitlin Peccable
✪ Photoshop and Image Re-touching are allowed. We strongly encourage you to utilize the services of a Photography Professional. Help! Magazine Members will receive a 10% Discount at the following Studios:

*•. Jarck's & Champerz Photography Studio

*•. Schismwerks, (Please send Notecard to Wonko Schism to schedule an appointment),

*•. Oh!No! Studio

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