Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hobbie Watch

This is kind of a Holly Hobby meets Bay Watch or "Hobbie Watch" if you will. It’ s a completely grown up approach to hand me down that only an adult can appreciate. As a child I would have cried to have to wear bits and pieces of material from someone’s old clothes. But now quilting is an art!!

Still, some of the best fashion places in the world have been accused of using sweat shops like the beautiful fashionista Kathy Lee Gifford, and who can forget Kmart?? It killed me, but I stopped wearing those designs even though they were some of my favourites, because we just have to make a stand sometimes. No, I like to think of a bunch of purple haired, peppermint smelling grandmas in the basement of a church making their bandage rolls, quilting, clicking their false teeth while someone puts on a pot of tea and cracks open an aged Tupperware container of stale Pillsbury (baked circa 1974) sugar cookies. I can’t think of a better use for a bandage and quilting and this outfit is fun fun fun.

The colours in this are fantastic and it is only one of four different choices at Boom. I wanted a really tan skin for this and who can resist a flower??

OUTFIT: Boom - Rhapsody Set (daddy's girl) - $250L
FLOWER: Paper Couture - p.c; Frida Rose – Pink – sorry went back 3 times to get the price and the accessories never rezzed. Unable to provide a price.
JEWELLERY: Chuculet - ava - necklace and earrings - gold - soft touch - $1L
SHOES: Vanity Designs Inc - .:VDI:. Mila Stilettos – Pink - $75L
HAIR: Analog Dog – Gamma Light - $350L
SKIN: Vassnia – Natalia- Parfait

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