Friday, August 21, 2009

Keep All Your Wishes in A Box.


WishBox had this cute dress with lost of variations that ranges from dolly to school girl with an attitude to sexy mama. It is sort of a “dirlama.” The “drink me” bottle in the pocket should not be confused with Alice In Wonderland .. that is pure Whiskey!!

I paired it with the most amazing shoes. Ann Otoole is a talented, spirited, funny, feisty woman who has lots to say worth listening to and her store Unique N is a must visit. Everything she does has thought behind it and you see that immediately in her designs. These shoes contain the opening notes to “Smoke on the Water” by deep purple. The heels are actual guitars and you have colour choices. I liked her shoes and bought a few pairs but there is much much more than shoes. I do have to encourage you to read her profile – I loved the poetry/songs? Interesting lady!!

TAKEN AT: Abandoned Isle
DRESS: [Wishbox] - See Jane - Jumper Dress - $499L
SHOES: Unique N - *UN!* Dolly Goth Chunky Rocker Pumps Black Gold - $350L
EARRINGS: Orage Creations - OC Black Silver circle earrings
HAIR: [Karma.] - Ellie - :Dark Pack: - $250L
SKIN: Lion Skins – Cana Sun 31

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