Friday, August 14, 2009

Life Definitely IS a Cabaret!

Cabaret Star Collection 1

Cabaret Star Collection 3

Cabaret Star Collection 2

Cabaret Star Collection 4

Cabaret Star Collection 5

How exquisitely breathtaking is this outfit? Nicky Ree designs some of the most beautiful clothes in SL. She is one shop so worth saving for – just to have one of her creations, where everything fits perfectly, the design is beautiful and the overall look is a million bucks. There are so many variations of this outfit it is amazing, and you know she has taken into consideration every detail. Sometimes you have those moments where you get dressed and you stand back and just stare at your avi …. this was one of those for me. Thank you Nicky Ree!!

For my skin, it had to be able to stand up to the rich quality of the detail in the outfit – nothing other than RedQueen would do.

Designing Nicky Ree
RedQueen Skins

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