Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Painted Blossoms.

Painted Blossoms.
by Bliss Windlow

coloured handprints half smudged
on paper
and the other half
on ourselves
soapy giggles
as hands washed, and
mother’s clucking tongue

waxed crayon depictions
of sunshine and flowers
and us arm in arm

pencilled doodles
in the margin of math notes
meaning of which
only we

water coloured washings
of vague possibilities
turned into deep rich
painted oils
each stroke deliberately
captures all that was to be

and now the years have taken us both
on very different journeys
I am the painting framed in deep hues
a life that is all we both dreamed

and through the fields of my memories
I wonder on the masterpiece that was hers
faded and torn from years of hanging
off the edge of a rearview mirror
a life traded in for a handful of pills
and a moment of warmth from the cold

sometimes I sit at the edge of the day
blossoms weaving into air
and ask the night to tell me
where it has taken her to

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