Monday, August 17, 2009

PeCosspper your Glockienspiels!!

Cossper 2

This cross between a Cossack costume and Sgt Pepper type Band Uniform leads to what I fondly refer to in the fashion genre of which I am an outstanding contributing fashionista ( hey in my mind I can be anything I want even despite RL information to the contrary) … I refer to as the “PeCosspper” look. I think it is a fantastic social statement about ... um ... the "underratedness" of glockenspiels. AND if I could have found a glockenspiel … I woulda’ been a glockin’ and a spielin’ in this pic just so you could fully appreciate the versatility of the uniform. This outfit comes with a choice of pants, capris or mini skirt and is really a great ensemble and for $1L COME ON PEOPLE!!!!

Cossper 3

NOW the BOOTS!!!! I tried these on expecting the usual – things on the end of your feet perfectly formed for the mafia to fill with cement and throw you over into the water - cause that is how most boots fit me on here. Please don’t IM me with all the notecards on how to resize them, I have already glue gunned and laminated the ones I have to make lovely coasters for Christmas gifts. Let me put it this way:

BEFORE resizing – boot looking cement receptacles on the end of my legs all ready for the cement.
AFTER resizing – big black blob cement receptacles on the end of my legs suggesting a retard did this

These boots resize in amazing ways that even remedial resizers can handle BUT they fit me perfectly from the go. It is hard to explain to the non-SL world why you are whooting an hollering when they don’t speak SL-ease and fail to appreciate the joy of actual fitting boots. They have this smexy zipper running up the back that I spent all day running after people asking if they wanted to undo my zipper … no takers ….

To say I love these would be an understatement – the fact that Bax Coen has now taken out a restraining order and banned me from her store may explain the depth of my feelings … AND there are many different boots to choose from …. a virtual cornucopia of excellent boots. I slept in mine.


In keeping with my over enthusiastic botherings of SL designers – I have also taken to stalking Undo Hermano of Shade Throne, who in addition to making my favourite hair as seen here ...makes jewellery that is in keeping with my need to be larger than life. She has all these great packages in her shop right now where you get the earrings and a variety of matching bracelets etc for $100L each. My only complaint is that Linden does not allow for 83 bracelets on one arm which is another look I am crafting called “mucho bracelttos” or “yes my arm is dragging on the ground what the hell are you looking at??” – whichever you prefer!!

BOOTS: Bax Coen Designs – BAX Prestige Boots - $875L
OUTFIT: XTC Designs - !XTC! Demi- $1L
HAIR: Here Comes Trouble -+HcT+All Colors-Big-Mally BLACK - $150L
SKIN: Exodi - :: Exodi :: Lily Cherry "Blame"LASHES: LASHES: GLOW – Innocent Lashes - $100L

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