Wednesday, August 26, 2009


RunoRuno 4

RunoRuno 3




RunoRuno 5

RunoRuno 6

A friend insisted I take a look at RunoRuno. He obviously has a good eye for talent and I thank him for the tip.

It is a palette of black and white, basic shapes held onto the body with buckles and ties. She takes the simplicity of Asian influence and pairs it with the buckles seen more on gothic pieces but there are no hard edges here – only beautiful, falling softness that speaks of a woman. Many of her designs hold that same understated beauty of a woman in a man's shirt the morning after, there is a sensuality that is understated and in no need of any staging. Several of the pieces encourage the exposed breast but it is an unapologetic theme that works with her designs..

She has some variations… a school girl look, the lace …. not a huge inventory but all of it interesting. You have to really look at her pieces to appreciate the thought that has gone into them. Almost everything in the shop is $50L. The fitting of some of the pieces may take some time, but the result is worth it. She has a couple of 3 piece sets that invite you to play and explore the medium – which in this case is her fashion. Very unique and refreshing – well worth a look.

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