Saturday, August 15, 2009

Steambound Roses.

Steambound Roses 1

Steambound Roses 2

I don’t role play but I am always drawn to the costumes. We all have to pick and choose where we will spend out Lindens and all of us have to draw the line somewhere – so I stand with my nose pressed up against the period piece windows and drool uncontrollably, sighing a lot until usually the store manager is called and I am asked to leave.

Steambound Roses 4

I watch in envy as the women bustle by with their voluminous skirts, every piece carefully planned and placed …. and always obey the parameters outlined in my restraining order from Linden Labs regarding stalking other avi’s.

Steambound Roses 3

BUT this dress was a gift from Steambound for the Satisfashion Hunt. I promptly put it on and swished around, looking for Victorian themed sites to visit. I really don’t want to talk about the maze and all the drama of being lost there for 3 days and what actually happened to those dead squirrels … but I did manage to get some lovely pics. Steambound makes some beautiful outfits and every piece of this piece keeps the theme and the same intense attention to detail as you see here in the outer clothing. I could totally “feel” the materials used to make this dress and I love the subtlety of the colouring. I think the skin and the hair were a perfect choice. I chose not to wear the accompanying hat.

OUTFIT: STEAMBOUND - Elizabeth Badlands Victorian
SKIN: Free Speerit - (*FS*) Skin / Kimberly (Glamour)
HAIR: MIRAISTYLE -.+*Hary*+.Pearl&White MiraiStyle - $200L
LASHES: GLOW – Innocent Lashes - $100L

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